Transgender Male YouTuber Says ‘It’s Hard Navigating Periods as a Guy’

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Transgender male Youtuber Jamie Raines told Pink News "it can be quite hard to navigate having periods as a guy."

Jamie Raines — a transgender male YouTuber — told PinkNews that “it can be quite hard to navigate having periods as a guy when everything to do with periods is aimed very much towards women.

Jamie Raines also complained that advertising and packaging for sanitary products “are very female orientated.”

Raines noted in a video for PinkNews that “trans men can experience periods, and nonbinary people can as well” and that “transgender men are real men — we’re just born a little bit different to other guys.

Raines stopped having periods after starting testosterone about seven years ago — but three years into the treatment the periods resumed during a testosterone medication switch, the video noted.

The YouTube figure called the resumed periods an “incredibly, very unwelcome guest.


Raines recalled that between the ages of 12 and 14 when periods started “I felt very down” and that they “took me completely by shock.”

Periods became a “massive source of dysphoria for me,” Raines — who’s had “top surgery” — added.

And when they returned during the YouTube figure’s testosterone switch, Raines said it was “straight back to that very dysphoric feeling that I had years ago.

I just remember, again, being stuck on the toilet crying, just not knowing what to do,” Raines noted, adding that “it just kind of like shook me.”

However, the YouTuber added that “being further along in my transition” helped in getting over having resumed periods for a brief time.

Oh, and Raines has at least one complaint about sanitary products — namely that “the advertising and packaging are very female orientated.”

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