Top Pastor Confesses He Ritually Murdered 675 Children In The Name Of Satan

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Top pastor confesses to ritually murdering over 600 children as part of satanic ritual

A top pastor has confessed to killing 675 children as part of a satanic ritual involving high-level government officials, business leaders and doctors. 

In a newly released video the unnamed man, wearing a mask to disguise his identity, told a TV interviewer that he had spent 17 years living with Satan. reports: In his ‘confession’, he said he had killed 675 people who were ‘mostly children’ given to him by members of an occult group in the medical profession.

Local reports, however, make no mention of any police investigation into alleged ritual murders and does not say when or where they are said to have taken place.

The man, believed to be in his 30s, went on to say that he was born with dark spirits and once had more than 650 demonic spirits at his disposal – some of which he named.

He said he had needed to make the sacrifices in order to sustain his power – but has since left the ‘Satanic kingdom’, according to reports in the country.

A video of the man making the extraordinary claims appeared in Ghanaian media with reports saying the clip was culled before it could go to air on television.

He hit out at so-called ‘fake’ pastors in the country, accusing them of using dark spirits to deceive their followers.

According to, the pastor denied he was speaking out for monetary gain – insisting he was the son of a former Chief Justice who had left him properties after passing away.


  1. yes I can assure you their are huge numbers of Satanists in positions of trust and authority Huge numbers globally .All wearing the same disguises of goody two shoes benefactors to humanity.

  2. Coming from the people who hate “Satan” because he lead humans to seek the truth instead of living in ignorance and bliss. Ignorance worshippers. The original modern liberals.

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