‘Patriot Purge’: Tucker Carlson to Expose FBI’s Jan. 6 Hoax on Monday – Democrats OUTRAGED

Fact checked
Tucker Carlson vows to expose FBI's Jan 6 'hoax' next week

Democrats have vowed to use every trick in the book to censor an upcoming Tucker Carlson report exposing the FBI’s Jan. 6 hoax.

Tucker reacted to a tweet posted by RINO Rep. Liz Cheney on Thursday in review of his upcoming expose she hasn’t even seen. Here is the tweet:

“According to Liz Cheney, this show is dangerous, because we dared to report on what actually happened on January 6th. This show is somehow, she says, abetting violence.”

“Now, if that argument sounds familiar, there’s a reason that it does. That argument is a staple of those hysterical purple-haired college activists you see yelling at people in viral videos. ‘Your speech is violence!’, they shout, ‘Our violence is speech!’”

“That is not how a free society works. Politicians don’t get to put parameters around your thoughts or conversations. Free people are permitted to ask any question they want.”

“What we found in the end bore no resemblance whatsoever to the story that you have heard repeatedly from Liz Cheney and from Nancy Pelosi, as well as from their many obedient mouthpieces in the media. They were lying.”

“It turns out that Liz Cheney is not simply a liar, she is also a coward.”



  1. They who hate the truth, who hate jesus, hate God and they know the 1 thing God HATES above ALL sins and abominations is the hypocrites They want to make him HATEFUL. That’s their intention.

  2. If he doesn’t show the evidence I have seen then he’s just continuing the production. So I’m sure that’ll be the case. Since he gets paid by the same creatures

  3. Just because Big Tech cenusres you or a judge places a gag order on your speech ( like with Chicago’s FOP President) That doesn’t mean you are wrong or are lying. It means the Goverement is afraid of you.

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