Pfizer Vaccine ‘Works Less Well Against Indian Variant’ According To Study

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Indian covid variant

Neil Ferguson, aka ‘Professor Lockdown’ has warned that the Indian variant aka ‘Delta’ could be 60 per cent more infectious than the Kent one as data showed it’s also twice as likely to put patients in hospital. 

A study published last week has also suggested that the Pfizer vaccine works less well on the mutant Covid strain fueling concern that the jab is less effective in preventing serious illness.

Researchers say this provides extra evidence to support plans to deliver a vaccine booster in the autumn.

The variant is now making the decision about lifting UK lockdown restrictions on 21 June “more difficult”, health secretary Matt Hancock announced on Sunday.

The Mail Online reports: /The senior SAGE modeller– dubbed Professor Lockdown for his terrifying death predictions in the first wave – said warned the emerging evidence about was not positive ‘in any respect’.

Public Health England for the first time last night confirmed that the new variant was dominant in the UK, replacing the Kent version. And Britain’s daily infections also rose above 5,000 yesterday for the first time since the country was still in lockdown in late March, with cases of the Indian variant doubling every nine days.

Asked about whether the new evidence would put England’s June 21 ‘Freedom Day’ in jeopardy, Professor Ferguson said the data ‘is pointing in a more negative direction than it was last week.’

He told Radio 4 Today: ‘It points towards the direction of being cautious. I think balancing, clearly, people’s desire – and there clearly is a built-up desire to get back to normal – against the potential risk is a very difficult judgment call.’ 

But former Tory Chief Whip Mark Harper challenged the Prime Minister to push ahead with the final unlocking to prove Dominic Cummings wrong and show his Government is not an out-of-control ‘shopping trolley’. Mr Harper used the astonishing criticism levelled at Boris Johnson by his former top aide to put pressure on the PM not to delay. 


  1. “to support plans to deliver a vaccine booster in the autumn”

    She swallowed the cow to catch the goat,
    Swallowed the goat to catch the dog,
    Swallowed the dog to catch the cat,
    Swallowed the cat to catch the bird,
    Swallowed the bird to catch the spider,
    She swallowed a spider to catch the fly,
    I don’t know why she swallowed a fly,
    Perhaps she’ll die.

  2. The last 7 days of Covid Deaths in the UK.
    6; 2; 0; 12; 18; 11; 13.
    18.5% of the UK’s population is over 65 years, and 1.053% of them have died.

    The last 7 Days of Covid Deaths in India.
    3,460; 3,128; 2,795; 3,207; 2,887; 2,713; 3,380.
    6% of India’s population is over 65 years, and 0.425% of those older people have died.

    The last 7 days of Covid deaths in the US.
    351; 125; 137; 645; 620; 601; 569
    15.4% of the US’s population is over 65 years, and 1.155% of them have died.

    There has been no recent surge in deaths in the UK, but a surge in new cases may indicate that there will soon be one. But since the virus is a variant, the surge should only last two months before it runs out of susceptible people.

    The European and North American continents do not yet have herd immunity, but their daily number of deaths has already dropped dramatically. India is experiencing a surge in Covid deaths because of a new variant that is much more infectious. But so far, their herd Immunity has protected them very well, as demonstrated by their extremely low deaths to older population ratio (0.425%). Indications are that the number of infectious people in India is already dropping, so the daily number of deaths should start coming down soon. There are pros and cons to taking the vaccine, and every individual should make their own informed choice. Articles like this seem to indicate that the vaccines do not offer much long term protection. That suggests people under 50 should avoid the vaccine and allow the Covid-19 virus to infect them while their immune system can shake it off; there-by giving them long term immunity. This article also suggests that older people should be taking a Covid vaccine every year for the rest of their lives.

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