Police Shoot Down Drug Smuggling Plane In Peru, Gun Battle Ensues

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Dramatic video footage shows a gun battle after a suspected drug smuggling aircraft was shot down by drug enforcement agents in Peru.

The Bolivian plane, license no. CP1818, was shot down by the agents on 3 May, who then engaged the suspects in a three hour shoot-out.

ITV reports:

After the plane crashed to the ground, authorities engaged in a three-hour gun battle in a remote area of central Peru, called the Valley of Pichis Palcazu.

One suspect, allegedly a Colombian man, escaped, while another, the 58-year-old Bolivian pilot, was shot and taken into custody.

Authorities seized 70 kilos of cocaine chloridate from the plane but believe the suspects hid at least 200 additional kilos of drugs.

According to the United Nations, Peru is the world’s second largest supplier of cocaine, after Colombia.

A three hour gun battle ensued after the plane crashed, according to NBC:

A Bolivian aircraft suspected of trafficking cocaine was shot down by drug enforcement agents in a remote part of central Peru.

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