Polls Shows Bernie Sanders Would Win Election By Landslide

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Polling data shows Bernie Sanders would trounce Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and win in a landslide if the election was held today and he was on the ticket.

Polling data shows Bernie Sanders would trounce Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and win in a landslide if the election was held today and he was on the ticket.

New aggregated poll data from hundreds of polls nationwide have delivered Clinton and Trump the lowest favorable ratings of presidential candidates since polls began 30 years ago.

Clinton’s favorability rating has slumped to 41% among all eligible voters, according to the Huffington Post, while Trump’s remains steady at a low 36%.

Sanders meanwhile has surged to his highest favorable rating of the election season. His 53.4% favorable rating is so far ahead of both candidates it suggests that he would trounce them both and win the election in a landslide if it was held today.

Bernie Sanders favorable rating - aggregated from 180 polls from 27 pollsters - far exceeds both Clinton's and Trump's
Bernie Sanders favorable rating – aggregated from 180 polls from 27 pollsters – far exceeds both Clinton’s and Trump’s

The massive disparity in nationwide popularity also lends credence to the idea that had the Democratic National Committee not illegally “put their finger on the scale” for Clinton – as exposed in the WikiLeaks and Guccifer 2.0 emails – then Sanders would have won the nomination.

Clinton’s rise in unpopularity follows continued focus on her use of a private email server and alleged conflicts of interest regarding the Clinton Foundation while she served as secretary of state. This metric rose among some of her core support groups, including women, postgraduates, Hispanics and liberals.

Hillary Clinton's favorable rating has slumped to a low 41%.
Hillary Clinton’s favorable rating has slumped to a low 41%.
Trump's favorable rating remains at 36%.
Trump’s favorable rating remains steady at 36%.

The favorable rating is one of the most basic measures of a public figure’s popularity. Clinton’s and Trump’s historic low scores raise uncertainties about voter turnout in the November election, as the most popular candidate by far, Sanders, is not on the ticket.

The open question is whether they can motivate their supporters to show up at the polls on Election Day. The high unfavorable ratings may mean that voters will be more motivated by their opposition to the candidate they dislike the most rather than their support of any candidate.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. Highlighting just one of the multiple ways there was ‘election fraud’. 


    The clips speak for themselves. ONE way there was fraud. many many others. youtube indivual stories from EVERYWHERE!

    Ppl really believe so many separate individuals across the land ‘made up’ their stories just to hurt the winner?? Get real folks. Election  fraud happened. Wake up.

  2. What are his favorability ratings in the so-called “swing states?” If they are anywhere near the national number then the DNC might very well choose to back him instead. One can only hope.

    • What world are you living in. The DNC wants nothing to do with Bernie. They ARE part of the establishment and corruption  that he fights against. 

  3. Most everyone I know will not be casting any votes for Hillary or Trump. Some will vote Green or Libertarian Party,
    but the majority will be writing in Bernie. If enough voters were to do this, he could win…

    • Unfortunately several states don’t accept write ins, and the ones that do only allow it if the candidate does all the necessary paperwork, etc not sure whats involved but its something that Senator Sanders hasn’t done, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write him in though, it just means that its not going to count..
      I will not be voting in the general election this year, first time in 40 years, I was also a registered Democrat for 40 years but changed that in the beginning of the week…this country is seriously screwed, no one is paying attention, everyone is falling for the diversion tactic, the fear mongering, no one is upset that the nominee was decided FOR the people and not BY the people, that to me is more terrifying than any of Trumps, hateful, ignorant, disgusting words..ask someone no matter who their candidate of choice might be, ask them what the TPP is and how its going to benefit this country….The majority of Americans haven’t a clue as to what it even is, I have asked several people and not one knew what it is, but they know they want Hillary, smh…people in other countries have been protesting against it for years, but when asked the dumb Americans just give the glazed over look, not a clue that they are lining up for their own slaughter, it wouldn’t be so bad if it were just them, who will be drowned, but they are taking the rest of this country and others around the globe with them, all from ignorance…HRC’s lust for regime change, war, profits and power and the fact that she will NOT rule out using nukes to defend Israel should be concerning but her sheeple haven’t a clue, nor do they care to seek the truths.
      That being said Trump is no better, he is only words at this point but that wont remain so if he wins, the both of them are narcissists/pathological liars, whats wrong with these people, do they have any idea of whats about to happen to this country?  Do your homework people,  lives depend on it…stop swallowing the verbal diarrhea she, Trump and msm keeps shoving down your throat! #DemExited #NEVERHillaryorTrump  #USAIsScrewed Peace.

    • I think trump is way worse.. he actually has a history its awful I would never risk putting that racist white supremist in office but I am in Canada what do I know. All I know if I was in the states I would be terrified on him getting in. I hope Clintons wins for everyone’s sake she’s as shady as hell but at least she has policies that will help people unlike trump? What is the point on voting for him I just don’t see any positive outcomes… he’s not even anti establishment the banks don’t donate him cause he owes them billions of dollars. So I am not trying to scare you to vote for Clinton just that I think HE IS A REAL THREAT and believe the us can survive four years of Clinton and progressives can fight her while with trump I am not sure the guy is heavily in debt and seems to want to build a wall? Dark days ahead if he gets in…

    • Thanks for the response,  I am a political junkie, I know all about Hillary, there will be dark days ahead with her as well, she is very dangerous..she will do NOTHING of any good for our country, she cant, shes a corporate whore who has lots of favors to be paid back, the sick part is that she will make good on those returns, regardless of the consequences that will follow for all of us, some are toxic, some will be the end of the middle class..As I stated earlier I would never vote for either one of them, I refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils, it still leaves you with evil. I cant vote and know that its going towards someone’s death, more blood baths, the bombing of innocent children, I cant do it.

      “but at least she has policies that will help people unlike trump?”..Really, what would those policies be? The TPP, fracking, the Keystone Pipeline, more drilling, big oil, deregulating the too big to fail banks even further, deregulating the EPA, allowing 30 million people to continue to go without any healthcare coverage?

      Hillary was also in favor of a barrier  to keep out immigrants, just like Trump, she was also in favor of sending immigrant children back into the living nightmare they were running away from. When you speak about four years of her well,..she helped craft and sell the legislation for the TPP, around the globe, she has been an advocate for it for years..once that goes into law there is no going back, and there can never be any changes made..so yeah Green Leaf, four years is too much for either one of them in my eyes.
      You have any idea how many countries the USA is currently bombing? Any idea where our tax dollars are going? Did you read my last post or did you just scan it? HRC has flip flopped on every issue, she will say whatever her sheeple want to hear with no intentions of doing anything. The thought of her stepping into the WH is terrifying to me..she has already done much of what people fear in Trump. She has endorsements from war criminals and proud of them. NO THANKS, I will never vote for her, she wasn’t good enough eight years ago, when she ran for the presidency the first time, she sure as hell isn’t any better today, shes even worse.  #Peace  #DemExited #NEVERHillaryorTrump  #USAIsScrewed


  4. I wish the media would stop with these polls. Sanders ain’t running, and he does not want people t vote for him as a write-in. Polls that tell us he would win by a landslide just causes nothing but heartache. Like some of the other commenters, I know a small handful of people who will vote for Hillary or Trump. But these polls about Bernie need to stop. 

  5. Yeah, he would if they didn’t cheat and our country didn’t allow it. Kinda stupid that everyone talks a big game but no one is organizing a 20 million person march to stand against our government, who is clearly trying to keep us pinned down.

  6. This is so ignorant. If Sanders were running, he’d have his good name run through the mud and he’d be about where Clinton is at.

  7. Canadian here — Have been following your election circus since the onset–Still don’t know all the rules — Is there any way — if Hillary stepped aside — that Bernie could run for the Dems??  Am very worried for both your country and mine that Trump might win over HRC — Just wondering what the possibilities might be!!

  8. rofl this is because there have been 100x more money spent on negative trump and hillary ads than Bernie adds this website is pretty laughable.

  9. Folks, Bernie isn;t on the Ballot and with his folding like a cheap card table, He obviously didn’t want the Presidency as much as we wanted it for him.  IF you cannot vote of Dem or Repub, look at Gary or Jill.

  10. Maybe Bernie can pre-pay for the next democratic
    nomination like HilLIARy has done ? Honestly, how
    can anyone vote for a party that ignores their very
    own constituents ? Voters are not needed. Just Wall
    Street donors. Ask HilLIARy.

    • After Jane Sold a property, that has been in her family, in Maine, that was too far away for them to use much. probably covered the full cost of the $575,000 house. I saw a picture of it. While it’s on a nice lot/location to entertain/visit with all the kids/grandchildren, it’s modest in size. 

    • I’m sure it doesn’t even come close to the mansion that $HilLIARy bought when she claimed they were “dead broke”…..you know, the one with the secret renovated basement bathroom, with the false facade, under lock and key, to hold her Personal Server, where none of the Help or visiting guests could accidentally wander in……..or the top floor Presidential Suite that Bill has in new York…..or the Condo…..or the $200,000. a month home in the Hamptoms where Hitlery has no doubt been resting every weekend…….. or the $9 Million “apartment” they helped Chelsea buy when she was still single, before she married the Hedge Fund Manager Son-in-Law who made money taking bets Against Greece.  

  11. WOW….another “Suicide”   https://www.thesun.co.uk/archives/news/1138414/britains-top-human-rights-lawyer-who-represented-julian-assange-and-worked-alongside-george-clooneys-wife-amal-dies-in-apparent-suicide/ 

  12. One vote would prevent Trump from winning. One vote of one specific person of conscience. No, really. There is one particular person who can vote and Trump will lose. HRC can vote to drop out. Who says a single vote does not count?

  13. The SAME polls said the SAME THING about Hilary versus Trump…yet you FAKE NEWS centers run MORE GARBAGE. It’s actually sad and hilarious at the same time. What type of brain do you need to post an article like this? I mean we ALL read how it was impossible for Trump to win it wasn’t even close…YET HE WON!

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