Poroshenko Submits Martial Law Bill To Ukraine’s Parliament

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Poroshenko Submits Martial Law Bill To Ukraine’s Parliament

The Ukraine Parliament said on its website that President Poroshenko has submitted a draft law on legal procedures for introducing a martial law to the Verkhovna Rada.

Tass News Agency report: The document stipulates rules for introducing and lifting martial law in the country.

“A martial law is a special legal regimen that can be introduced in Ukraine or in parts of its territory in case of a military aggression or a threat of attack, a danger for Ukraine’s state independence and territorial integrity,” the draft law says.

A martial law can be introduced after the Verkhovna Rada approves a relevant presidential decree, it said.

Besides, the draft law stipulates that vital facilities of the national economy are to be taken under intensified protection, all able-bodied individuals not engaged in the defense sector are to be bound by a labour duty, property of individuals and communities is to be alienated by force, a curfew is to be introduced, free movements of people are to be restricted and peaceful rallies, gatherings and demonstrations are to be forbidden.