Prague Protesters Hold Sit-In Against US Anti-Syria Policies

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Czech members of the “Hands Off Syria” campaign staged a sit-in outside the US embassy in Prague to protest Washington’s policies against Syria.

The protesters gathered in front of the US embassy building on Sunday to express their solidarity with the Syrian people and government, and demanded that the unfair Western sanctions imposed on Syria be lifted.

Press TV reports: “Hands Off Syria” is a protest campaign that brings together the people who oppose US military action in Syria.

Former Czech Foreign Minister Jan Kavan, who also served as a former president of the UN General Assembly, was among the participants in the Sunday sit-in, along with other Czech citizens and members of the Syrian community in the Czech Republic.

The US government has reportedly been providing technical support for terrorist groups, including Takfiri militants, to conduct terrorist acts in Syria and Iraq.

Political analyst Daniel Patrick Welch said in a recent interview with Press TV that the White House backs Daesh and other terrorist groups in Syria.

Syria has been beset by a foreign-backed militancy since March 2011.

Upwards of 24,000 people are estimated to have lost their lives in the conflict up until now.

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