Pres. Hopeful Chris Christie Calls Edward Snowden “Piece of Garbage”

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Edward Snowden

Governor of New Jersey and Presidential hopeful blasted whistleblower Edward Snowden on FOX News as a “piece of garbage”.

From [1]:

And Christie also took a shot at fellow Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul for lauding Snowden.

The governor, speaking on Fox News’ “The Five,” lashed out against Snowden, who’s living in Russia to avoid being prosecuted in the United States for leaking thousands of documents to journalists in 2013 that showed the NSA had been collecting millions of Americans’ phone records.

When asked if he would send Navy SEALs to return him to the United States, Christie said: “No. I wouldn’t send the SEALs in to pick up that piece of garbage.”

The governor also said Snowden is “empowered by people like Rand Paul” who have lauded Snowden for exposing civil liberty violations.

The verbal jabs at Snowden and Paul run consistent with how Christie has talked about both men in recent months.

In June, Christie referred to Snowden’s actions [2] as “treasonous” and said he “should be forced to come home … and face prosecution.” In May, the governor said Americans “shouldn’t listen to people like Edward Snowden, a criminal who hurt our country and now enjoys the hospitality of President Putin.” [3]