President Trump Tells Americans to Brace for ‘Horrendous’ Coronavirus Death Toll This Week

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President Trump warns Americans to brace themselves for a horrendous coming week as coronavirus peaks in U.S.

President Donald Trump has warned Americans to brace themselves for a difficult week ahead as the coronavirus infection looks set to peak.

“We are really coming up onto a time that’s going to be horrendous,” Trump said on Saturday.

The president noted that the United States had not experienced a situation like a coronavirus crisis before.

“We’re getting to that point where it’s going to really be … some very bad numbers,” Trump warned. reports: Currently, there are over 8,400 deaths from coronavirus. New York has over 3,500 deaths from the virus and New Jersey has 846 deaths.

Governor Andrew Cuomo admitted Saturday that New York had not reached the apex of deaths from the virus.

“Nobody can tell you the number at the top of the mountain,” he said during a press conference on Saturday.

Trump vowed that he and his team of health professionals would continue working to keep the numbers of deaths low, as will state governors.

“Unfortunately we’re getting to that time when the numbers are going to peak, and it’s not going to be a good looking situation,” Trump said.

He compared the threat posed by the virus to similar tough situations in the United States, such as World War I or World War II.

“This is a war all unto itself, and it’s a terrible thing,” Trump concluded.


  1. Is Trump sending out CIA operatives with Ricin powder to the ICU’s to finish off some more Social Security recipients next week? To keep the panic up for longer? LOL

  2. Regarding Trump…”it is easier to fool people, than to convince them they have been fooled” Mark Twain.

  3. The Democrats used chemical warfare at WACO too, on American citizens, and roasted new born infants to death.

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