President Trump: I’m Going to Use 125% of My Energy to Overturn ‘Fraudulent’ Election Result

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President Donald Trump vows to use 125 percent of his energy to overturn election result

President Trump has promised to use “125%” of his energy to expose and overturn the fraudulent election result, so that he remains President for the next four years.

POTUS joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures yesterday in a wide-ranging interview that included developments by his legal team in the 2020 presidential election.

During the interview, Trump mocked the “record-setting” results by Biden in the 2020 election.


President Trump: “We got 74 million votes. He did not get anywhere near 80. And that’s 74 before they threw away. You know they threw away ballots. They threw away many Trump ballots. That’s the easiest way they could cheat. We got 74 million votes. He didn’t get anywhere near 80 million votes.

Maria Bartiromo: And you believe you will be able to prove this in the coming weeks.

President Trump: Well, I’m going to use 125% of my energy to do it. You need a judge that is willing to hear a case. You need a Supreme Court that is willing to make a really big decision.



  1. Biggest fraud in US history – up to 300.000fake people who voted in Arizona election .NTD And the opening sentence of the 2xpert witness is completely accurate A whole new world of media is opening up As one door closes another opens . And the Truth will come out Theyve concealed it ,all of it behind their walls of privacy and t in heir dungeons of fear for too many centuries .

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