Prince Harry Threatens Meghan With Divorce Over “Liberal Temper Tantrums”

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Prince Harry threatens divorce due to Meghan Markle's constant temper tantrums

The marriage between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has already hit the rocks. According to reports, Meghan Markle’s refusal to stop spouting her liberal politics in public is causing Queen Elizabeth undue stress and putting the marriage under strain. 

A Kensington Palace source claims that Prince Harry gave the new Duchess an ultimatum: quit the liberal temper tantrums or leave.

“Not everything is about you!” Harry shouted at the American actress before she reportedly stormed off. reports: Meghan’s been pushing the envelope at Kensington Palace over both small and big things, but now Harry’s had enough.

Meghan is not stupid, so she knew once she married Harry she no longer would have a public voice in politics. She had to know much of her freedom of choice would have to give way to the royal rules. But she had Harry to cover for her with the press, and with the Queen, so she continued to pull political stunts.

Meghan’s biggest gaffe happened just 10 days ago, and it was no mistake. When the Duchess met with a pro-abortion Irish politician and Feminazi journalist voicing her approval to make abortion the law of the land in heavily Catholic Ireland, it sent shockwaves to Buckingham Palace.

The Irish politician was reportedly persuaded by palace officials to delete her posts on Twitter which pictured Meghan and reported her utter happiness at abortions happening in Ireland, but the journalist kept her Twitter posts active. Una Mullally tweeted, “Great to chat with Meghan Markle, Duchess Of Sussex, about Repeal [making abortions legal] and the importance of her feminist activism. So important to have people in her position championing women’s rights. Total sounder!”

That highly charged event caused the Queen much distress for several reasons. Abortion is not only a political issue, it’s a moral issue. And as a staunch Christian and head of the Anglican Church, Her Majesty was incensed Meghan would pull such a stunt.

Sure, as Americans we are free to speak our minds, so this may all seem trifling and archaic. But to the Royal Family, it’s a matter of their survival. If they breach their roles into the political realm, they will be seen as influencing politics, which many kings and queens lost their heads over. The Queen knows many in Britain would rather do away with the monarchy.

Which brings us to the big fight Meghan and Harry had over her wardrobe choice. Meghan’s been pushing one of the wardrobe rules lately, wearing slacks to public events. This may sound crazy, but being part of the Royal Family is like being in the military, there is a standard uniform and do’s and don’ts.

The Daily Mail reports, “It has been said the Duchess of Sussex prefers to wear the trousers in her marriage, but she may not be wearing them for her forthcoming tour of Australia. The Mail on Sunday understands that Prince Harry, perhaps sailing towards dangerous marital waters, has expressed his views over his wife’s latest test of Royal convention after she ordered a range of designer suits – and even a tuxedo – to wear during their October trip.”

They add, “And Harry, who has been sitting in on some of Meghan’s meetings at Kensington Palace with ‘special projects teams’ from various designers, is said to have given the thumbs-down to a masculine Stella McCartney tuxedo suit his wife picked out for a glitzy evening event during the tour.”

A source from one of the fashion teams that has visited Kensington Palace in recent weeks said, “Meghan is being told she needs to stop dressing like a Hollywood star and start dressing like a Royal. Meghan wanted to wear a tuxedo-style suit but Harry put his foot down. The Duchess stormed away.”

This is where Harry took his first big stance against Meghan, and she had a fit. Palace insiders are reporting Prince Harry sided with the Queen, telling Meghan, “Not everything is about you!” This isn’t so much about wearing slacks, as it is about the former Hollywood starlet’s feminist plot, and Harry is tired of her political shenanigans at the expense of his grandmother’s lifelong devotion to doing her royal duty.

The question remains: will the former American actress get in line? Or will she continue to test Harry and the Royal Family’s rules? Meghan is sadly mistaken if she thinks she’ll break the 1,000-year-old monarchy with her silly leftist political whims, and Harry’s temper has flared, making sure he’s wearing the pants in this family.


  1. oh for goodness sake The Queen is the Head of the Commonwealth and can sack any Australian Prime Minister at will. All of the politicians have to swear loyalty to her and if that doesn’t mean political influence then what does?The English PM has to meet with the Monarch to be “advised” every week The PM doesn’t go there to inform the Queen of her position , but the opposite really She gets the spies notes first in the Commonwealth .And so thats how it should be Although personally I dont think she should trust anyone ,least of all spies she didnt select personally from her own personal knowledge of them based on interaction over years with them.The network could so easily mislead and deceive the Monarch if thery really wanted too Im sure they do.The whole system is really a bit messy and needs reform starting with the government coming clean about their position toi the public and then a decision being made whether to keep paying hundreds of politicians to play act democracy or not.Deflinitely the people only need either one or the other ,but certainly shouldnt have to suffer everyday hours of rubbish from public offices.

  2. Well, I gave this mismatch 5 years and my wife 3 years. Now it looks like 1 year at the outside. This woman is a toxic, stupid, shallow, and a complete phony. Typical Negrodumb.

  3. So freckle face married and adultress and now the queen is about to have her DIANA-ED.. DEAD… lol fuken idiots.. all of them… lol.. bang bang slut your dead

  4. Harry should warn the little snowflake about what Henry VIII did to his unruly wives…

  5. it is amazing the amount of disrespect for our cultural institutions that we tolerate. even in this article.

    these traditions aren’t “archaic” or “trifling,” they’re beautiful and vital.

    can you imagine media referring to the far more “archaic” monarchies of the middle east, south asia, or africa in such a fashion?

    of course (duh) markle was a terrible choice for a wife. this was predictable. idk what harry was thinking (using his little head apparently; seems the lust is wearing off…). divorce would be the best thing in the long run.

  6. The Left is all about spitting on and shattering time-tested, honorable principles and decorum to give us what? Anarchy, hate, intolerance, misery, perpetual whining, and the fretting, bloviating, and handwringing over.ever-changing, frivolous, superficial preoccupations of the affluent and the conga-line of make-believe crises to give their vacuous lives meaning.

    Harry’s the poster child for arranged marriages. He’s got zero discernment to choose wisely, and he’ll sorely pay for his silliness.

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