Prince William Praises Writers For Inserting Climate Change Messages Into TV Shows

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Prince William

Prince William has praised television writers for inserting ‘messages’ about climate change into their shows.

The duke was talking during the opening BAFTA segment about climate change in which it was claimed that ‘our planet was on fire’.

It was part of a special video address praising ‘Planet Placement’, where producers insert messages into programs that may not even be about environmental issues.

Summit News reports: William noted the “innovative” and “emotive” messages that were being inserted into programming to make people more conscious about wanting to save the planet.

Critics would call this “brainwashing.”

“Now more than ever, programme makers have a unique opportunity to ensure climate change and sustainability remain at the forefront of our collective consciousness,” said Prince William.

“By creating innovative, educational and emotive content for television, writers and producers are playing a unique role in ensuring the future of our planet is something that we all want to talk about.”

“Over the past year, we’ve seen some fantastic examples of this across a wide variety of programmes and genres.”

“I hope you will all continue to carry on your invaluable work, keeping environmental issues high up on the agenda of programming in the years ahead.”

As we highlighted last month, while lurid propaganda about climate change shows no sign of abating, according to the latest report from the EU’s Earth observation programme, Arctic sea ice is just 3 per cent below its 30 year average.

As we highlighted last year, one of the authors of the United Nations IPCC report who focused on “extreme” consequences of man-made global warming lauded the fact that “people are starting to get scared” about climate change and that this would “affect the way they vote.”

However, doomsday climate change prophecies have been proven spectacularly wrong time and time again.


  1. Giving the nod to all of his underlings Viscount Rothermeres crew to start Mass production of climate change stories Especially since the 72 trillion dollars worth of carbon credits that were quietly whisked out of the world trade centre and safely over to the City of London, just in time, are all there. Course, nick gore and dad Al both deny any such thing. Well you would, wouldn’t you But both disappeared completely like a Cheshire cat too

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