U.S. Man Sent To Prison For Installing Wind Turbine On His Property

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Man sent to prison for installing wind turbine on his own property

A U.S. man has been sent to prison for the crime of installing a wind turbine on his own property in Orono, Minnesota.

When Jay Nygard decided to add a 2 story wind turbine to his home, he thought that by going the legal route and informing the city of his plans, he was doing the right thing.

Healthnutnews.com reports: However, the city denied his request to harvest the wind and create his own energy so Jay decided it was time to fight for not only his rights but the rights of his fellow Minnesotans.

“The US federal government, as well as many state and city governments, have been cracking down on individual property rights and sustainable living for some time.

Thanks to their incredibly misguided efforts, it is now illegal in parts of the US to have a garden in your front lawn, collect rainwater on your own property, or live “off the grid.”

You can even be arrested on your own property for protesting the installation of a pipeline that you never consented to. This troublesome trend is taking place, in part, because the government, and the “system” in general, wish to prevent a significant portion of the population from being independent, empowered and self-sufficient.”

Nygard would eventually go to jail for his beliefs. JAIL. While he did eventually remove the not especially loud or ugly turbine (although some of his neighbors did complain), it STILL wasn’t good enough for the city “who demanded that the turbines cement base also be removed.

Despite the fact that three engineers said that the removal of the base would cause structural damage to Nygard’s home, the city continued to demand its removal.”

Why did the city not permit the turbine? Was it because it allowed him to make his own energy and rely less on, and pay less to, the state? What is happening in this country when a man can’t provide for his family on his own property?

When will our government be satisfied with their destruction of our land and environment? I hope it’s soon because we are close to the point of no return.


  1. All powers not delegated to the state are retained by the people. We never gave the state permission to make such laws, therefore such laws are illegal and Nygard is innocent.

  2. Amewhoricans have themselves to blame for their loss of freedom..they spent their time.. drinking, taking drugs, talking shit, and not attending council meetings and not voting.. they chose the road of worshiping the god ((Bacchus/Dyonysus)).. the wolrd laughs out loud at amewhorica 20 trillion dollars in debt, the most homosexuals population of any country on the planet, the highest poverty rate in the western world and on and on the list goes. Well guess what amewhorica….. the worst is yet to come… bend over and kiss your ass goodbye… Dickheads…

  3. Our friends in Florida had a garden full of their own produce were fined and made to dig up and remove U S you are all making it hard for the rest of the world by not standing up for your rights.We here in Portugal are being stripped daily ,by the E U of our rights we were made to take our advertising of our music store off the side of our car ,or we would be fined every month we had it on we are now closing our shop down due to the impossible demands of these beurocratic maniacs

  4. This and similar instances in which someone is punished for trying to live a sustainable life is a “singularity” brought about through a lie. In this case, the lie is the general belief amongst the public that environmental policies were sincerely created in order to protect the environment. In fact, they weren’t… One would expect that this man who wants to erect a wind turbine on his own property to generate a little electricity would be defended in doing so by large environmental organizations, etc. that want to counter the so-called threat of global warming but instead, he is left to stand alone with little or no support from these organizations. In general, where are the lead environmentalists when it comes to adoption of alternative energy technologies at the consumer level? They’re no where to be found and this is how things have operated for many years. As indicated from some of the earliest video/articles posted on my recently created bitchute channel ( https://www.bitchute.com/channel/island-earth/ ), environmental organizations don’t care one iota about alternative energy technologies despite that these technologies could do much to help protect the environment. What’s going on is that the entire modern environmental movement (including the global warming agenda) is part of a Malthusian conspiracy whose roots can easily be traced back to the middle 19th century, with the creation of the conservation movement. No doubt, many will recall that, following the Gulf oil spill of 2010, the EPA had refused to consider use of less toxic alternatives to the oil dispersant, Corexit. Why would they do that when their own data showed it to be more toxic than alternatives (see https://www.propublica.org/article/In-Gulf-Spill-BP-Using-Dispersants-Banned-in-UK )? The reason why they had done this is explained by the fact that the EPA, (like other environmental agencies of the federal government), wasn’t actually created with the purpose of protecting the environment to begin with. Such a mandate was only the justification for why this agency was created and not the true reason for its creation! To really appreciate this fact, check out my video entitled, “Two Coastal Marine Disasters and the Fingerprint of Malthus”. You’ll likely want to read the PDF article itself which can be found on my research web site ( http://truthbetold.strangled.net/articles/tcmdatfom.pdf ). Learn and live. — the Postman ( truthbetold.strangled.net )

  5. ” When shall it be said in any country of the World, my poor are happy, neither ignorance or distress is to be found among them, my jails are empty of prisoners, my streets of beggars, the aged are not in want, the taxes not oppressive, the rational World is my friend because I am a friend of its happiness. When these things can be said, then may that Country boast of its Constitution and it’s government.” Thomas Paine

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