Pro-Abortion Witness Says It “Incites Violence” To Say Men Can’t Get Pregnant

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Senator Josh Hawley and law professor Khiara Bridges

A witness who was called during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the legal consequences of the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe vs Wade declared that anyone who says men can’t get pregnant is ‘inciting violence’.

The hearing on the Dobbs decision continued this week with even more insane nonsense from pro-abortion activists who were called to testify by Democrats.

InfoWars reports: Missouri GOP Senator Hawley asked UC Berkley Law Professor Khiara Bridges during questioning “several times you’ve used a phrase, I want to make sure I understand what you mean by it, you’ve referred to ‘people with a capacity for pregnancy,’ would that be women?

Bridges responded, “many women, cis women, have the capacity for pregnancy, many cis women do not have the capacity for pregnancy,” further claiming that “there are also trans men who are capable of pregnancy as well as non-binary people who are capable of pregnancy.”

She continued, “so this isn’t really a women’s rights issue it’s uh we can recognise that this impacts women while also recognising that it impacts other groups, those things are not mutually exclusive.”

The witness then accused Hawley of being “transphobic,” stating “I want to recognise that your line of questioning um is transphobic, um and it opens up trans people to violence by not recognising that.”

Hawley responded, “Wow you’re saying that I’m opening up people to violence by asking whether or not women are the folks who can have pregnancies?”

Bridges responded by accusing Hawley of “denying that trans people exist and pretending not to know that they exist,” which has caused them to commit suicide.

When Hawley asked if his questions about women’s rights really meant he is denying trans people exist, Bridges freaked out and repeatedly said “ARE YOU? ARE YOU? ARE YOU?” before asking Hawley “do you believe that men can get pregnant?”

When Hawley responded “no,” the witness again blurted “so you’re denying that trans people exist, thank you.”

Hawley asked the professor if this is what she teaches her class, and if she allows students to question her without accusing them of opening up people to violence, to which she replied “you should join my class, you might learn a lot.”

“Wow, I have learned a lot during this exchange,” Hawley fired back, adding “extraordinary!”

Watch the madness unfold:

Elsewhere during the hearing the same witness told Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas, using the same phrase “person with a capacity for pregnancy,” that she prefers to answer questions that are more interesting to her, rather than the questions the committee are asking: