Protesters Storm Presidential HQ In Macedonian Capital

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An anti-government protest in the Macedonian capital of Skopje has become violent, with police reportedly involved in clashes with demonstrators who stormed the president’s office.

The office of President Gjorge Ivanov is reported to be completely demolished.


According to RT:

The protest began Wednesday daytime and reportedly accumulated some three thousand people.

After breaking through a police cordon, the crowds moved towards parliamentary buildings, burning pictures of Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov on their way.

In central Skopje, in the vicinity of the president’s office, violence reportedly continued, with protesters throwing flares and eggs at the premises.

Tensions escalated after a group of people tried to enter the office, Balkan Insight reported. A number of people have been injured, with medics providing assistance to those at the scene.

Several people have reportedly been detained.

Situation in the Balkan nation has been tense since March, after Macedonia’s constitutional court allowed the president to pardon politicians accused of electoral fraud. Thousands have taken to the streets of Skopje following the decision. Riot police had to barricade the streets leading to the court building to prevent clashes between government supporters and protesters.



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