USA on Brink of “Mass Civil Unrest” – Expert Warns

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Experts warn the USA is on the brink of a massive civil war

America is on the brink of “mass civil unrest” as a result of the draconian lockdown measures imposed by local and federal government, an expert has warned.

Demonstrations against coronavirus stay-at-home orders have exploded across the country over the las week after President Trump appeared to encourage them on social media. The National Guard has been deployed in some areas to deal with potential disorder.

Speaking to Sky News Australia, James Brown, a former Australian Army officer who commanded a cavalry troop in Iraq, warned that the very specific mentality of Americans made them much more likely to resist lockdown measures compared to citizens of other countries.

“There is that part of the US political psyche that takes rights to a complete extreme,” said Brown, adding that “mass civil unrest” is a possibility due to Americans sharing a “deep independent streak that believes the government is a nice-to-have not a must-have.”

WATCH: reports: The host of the show opined that if “anarchy” were to break out across the United States, “the government can’t bring the people to heel” due to the Second Amendment.

Brown said he had friends on Capitol Hill who were very worried about mass social disorder and a “gun battle on the streets.”

Brown said that so long as most people believed that states were making progress on battling coronavirus, they would accept and adhere to lockdown laws for the time being.

“But people will chafe, that idea of individual freedom and liberty is much stronger in the U.S. than it is Australia,” he added.


  1. We need to start a massive citizen’s arrest on our police departments and politicians. they are way out of hand.

  2. Don’t f— with our freedom. A reckoning needs to happen for our corrupt government institutions.

  3. ““But people will chafe, that idea of individual freedom and liberty is much stronger in the U.S. than it is Australia,” he added.” Yup, and we’re gonna KEEP it that way…YOU sound jelly….

  4. And a Revolution is long over due , Barr has done nothing but talk, Do Nothing Graham has done nothing but talk, Everyone says it’s very very soon but in fact they have been saying Arrests are coming for 4 years now!
    If it’s not We the People arresting it will be nobody …bet my @$$ !

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