Putin Threatens To Ban ‘Biased Google’ From Russia

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Putin threatens to ban biased Google

President Vladimir Putin has threatened to ban ‘extremely biased‘ Google from operating in Russia.

The far-left search engine giant has refused to abide by a new Russian law passed in September that outlaws websites that contain disturbing material, such as self-harm and child pornography.

Foxnews.com reports: Russian news agencies on Wednesday quoted deputy Communications Oversight Agency chief Vitaly Subbotin as saying that authorities may push for amendments that would let them block search engines like Google if they fail to comply with Russian law.

The news comes as Google is getting heat about potentially launching a search engine in China from U.S. lawmakers, its employees and activist groups who have bemoaned the very same issue – that it would censor searches.

Speaking in front of the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday amid allegations of anti-conservative bias and privacy violations on the platform, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said the company had “no plans to launch search in China.”

Pichai responded to Congresswoman Jackson Lee’s (D.-Tx.) question when she said she was concerned about the company’s controversial Project Dragonfly and asked what the company is doing to minimize the efforts.

The Google CEO said: “Right now, we have no plans to launch [a search product] in China,” adding that “getting access to information is an important human right.”

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