Leaked Audio Confirms Joe Biden Sexually Assaulted Prepubescent Daughter Ashley ‘Repeatedly’

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Leaked audio confirms Biden repeatedly raped his young daughter Ashley Biden.

A bombshell new audio recording confirms that Joe Biden repeatedly and aggressively sexually assaulted his prepubescent daughter Ashley when she was a very young girl.

Project Veritas has just released information and audio about how they came by the Ashley Biden diary. In the video below, they include the audio call from one of the people who found Ashley’s diary, and she details how she came by them. She also warns, “The diary is pretty crazy.”

But perhaps the most shocking thing in the video is that it includes a conversation Project Veritas has with Ashley Biden, who confirms that the items are hers and tries to arrange with Project Veritas to get the incriminating material about her father back.

Redstate.com reports: Ashley asks if they could set up a meeting with her “friend, Eric,” who was down in Del Rey, so he could pick up the material for her. The PV person asks her about the diary; she repeats her request that they give everything to Eric. The PV guy says he just wants to make sure that he’s turning it over to the right person. Then Ashley says that she doesn’t want to “have to get Secret Service involved in this” because it’s a “whole process.” But she said, “I am Ashley Biden; it is my stuff.” She confirms that the bag that was found was also hers as well. She tries to arrange for a meeting to turn over the material.

Now this was happening in October 2020. PV then sent a letter to Biden’s presidential campaign asking for comment but didn’t publish the diary. Meanwhile, the Biden campaign allegedly notified the DOJ about the situation, and they immediately opened a case, according to PV. PV then turned over the items to law enforcement.

But that wasn’t the end of it, as Project Veritas and James O’Keefe found out. Project Veritas journalists were raided by the FBI in November 2021 (after Joe Biden came to power). They seized a boatload of electronic devices — 47 — including laptops, cellphones, and thumb drives. They said no one was arrested or charged with any crime. They also note that the NY Times’ Michael Schmidt contacted them immediately after the raids. Hmm, who told him about the raids? PV accused the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York of “spying” on their journalists even before the raid.

A judge ordered the DOJ to stop the extraction of material from the phones of James O’Keefe and other people who were connected with Project Veritas at the time.

As we reported, two people who originally found the diary and the other material pled guilty to federal charges about it. As we noted, there were allegedly entries about inappropriate showers in the diary.

But this whole episode has raised all kinds of questions about going after journalists and trying to shut them down for reporting things that some find inconvenient. Add that to all the other cases of the weaponization of the government under Joe Biden. It’s another Biden scandal to add to a whole lot of other Biden scandals that are popping off this week.

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