Putin Vows Revenge After Obama Admin Torture Russian Mom

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President Putin 'furious' after Obama regime authorises torture of Russian mother

President Putin has vowed to seek revenge against the Obama administration after it emerged that a Russian mother was abducted and tortured by U.S. authorities. 

According to a Security Council report, the Obama regime authorised the abduction of Olga Pimanova in order to steal her three-year-old daughter after she arrived in Chicago, in order to study for an MBA in business administration management.

Whatdoesitmean.com reports:

Upon mother Olga’s reaching Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, however, this report continues, she was immediately detained by two unidentified civilian clothes wearing American policeman who put her into hand restraints (hand cuffs), transported her to a prison, then “tied her up and threw her into a jail cell with murderers”.

For three days, this report notes, mother Olga was kept under torture conditions in the jail cell until Federation intervention secured her release—but only to house arrest, and should she leave the Americans have threatened to imprison her for 7 years.

Mother Olga’s connection to the United States, this report explains, began nearly three years ago when she brought her nearly new born daughter Arianna to the United States to have an operation.  Arianna was born in Russia and is a citizen of the Federation and on whose birth certificate only her mother is listed—as is permitted under Federation law.

While Arianna was recovering from her operation, this report continues, mother Olga met and married an American citizen named Jorge Castillo—but who, after a year, asked mother Olga for a divorce, which she granted, and after which she returned to her home in Russia with her daughter.

Unbeknownst to mother Olga, though, this report says, after she had returned to Russia with her daughter Arianna, her then ex-husband Jorge Castillo filed legal papers in a US Court falsely claiming that this girl was his—which is impossible because Arianna was born in Russia before mother Olga had ever met him and there exists absolutely no biological evidence this girl child is his.

So, when mother Olga landed in President Obama’s hometown of Chicago, this report continues, the “phony pretext” that she had abducted her own child was used as the excuse to arrest and torture her—with even US authorities having to admit that she had NEVER even been notified that this illegal action had been filed against her.

American attorney Fedor Kozlov, managing partner at Fedor Kozlov & Associates, who is now defending mother Olga, this report notes, further stated that “pursuant to all internationally recognized laws, as well as to the US federal and Illinois state law, Olga had the right to be notified of what was going on and had the right to take part in the process”, and her other attorney, Aleksandr Tolmatsky, likewise, stated “the divorce application was heard in a unilateral, formal way, without any questions being asked by the court pertaining to how she had been notified and why she had not taken part in the process”.

To the greatest fear of all Russian officials, and citizens too, should the American’s get into their clutches girl children like Arianna, this report explains, is the use of these innocents as sex slaves.

And so adamant is President Putin that the Obama regime will not get their sexually demented hands on Arianna, this report says, he personally authorized Commissioner for Children’s Rights Pavel Astakhov to announce to the whole world that this girl child WILL NEVER be taken out of Russia!

So as mother Olga continues to endure the torture inflicted upon her by the Obama regime, this report concludes, Arianna’s grandmother, Lyudmila Pimanova, has reported that this beautiful girl child is now crying herself to sleep every night asking “Where is my mother?  When my mother come?  Soon my mother come?”—but, and though sad, at least she’s safe.

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