Trump Warns Facebook Against Censorship: “I Will Be Looking into This!”

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President Trump promises investigation over Facebook repeatedly censoring conservatives

President Trump has promised swift action against the censors at Facebook for blatantly and fragrantly censoring conservatives on a massive scale. 

Responding to the censorship of his social media director Dan Scavino Jr., Trump warned “I will be looking into this!”

“Dear Facebook— AMAZING. WHY ARE YOU STOPPING ME from replying to comments followers have left me – on my own Facebook Page!!?? People have the right to know. Why are you silencing me??? Please LMK! Thanks,” Scavino wrote Monday after Facebook temporarily suspended him from using the service. reports: Scavino, who has nearly 300,000 followers, included a screengrab showing that Facebook marked his post as “spam” with the message, “You’re temporarily blocked from making public comments on Facebook.”

Trump fired back at Facebook and Big Tech in response.

“I will be looking into this!” he tweeted.

“Facebook, Google and Twitter, not to mention the Corrupt Media, are sooo on the side of the Radical Left Democrats. But fear not, we will win anyway, just like we did before! #MAGA,” he added.

Big Tech’s accelerated censorship and purging of conservative voices has become so prolific that Trump’s son Don Jr. penned an op-ed warning fellow conservatives to prepare to fight or be silenced on social media forever.

Indeed, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) announced a $250 million lawsuit against Twitter in the “first of many” lawsuits to come against Big Tech.

“Twitter is a machine,” Nunes’ personal attorney told Fox News. “It is a modern-day Tammany Hall. Congressman Nunes intends to hold Twitter fully accountable for its abusive behavior and misconduct.”


  1. 1. Break up All the social media giants into thousands of pieces. 2. Pass simple & clear regulation forbidding them from being able to in any way restrict any form of legal speech unless they’re platform is specific to a topic(s): in which case they can only restrict speach that did not stay on topic. 3. Immediately imprison all the platform decision makers and charge them with treason for willfully subverting our democracy. 4. Pass a law allowing those convicted of said abominable crimes to be publically tarred & feathered. That’s a start…

  2. The Queens Privy Council has taken over control of FB, and we can expect a ‘donnybrook’ between now and 2020. They will not let Trump use social media like he did in 2016. Expose ALL the ‘Queens Horses’ and ALL the ‘Queens Men’ in S.E.S./Serco and the US Patent Office. This is why GCHQ/MI6/ FiveEyes are frantic over the eventual ‘declass’ which expose these lying scum for what they truly are.

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