Mount Everest Subsides Following Nepal Earthquake

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The world’s tallest mountain, Mount Everest, has shrunk in height by an Inch following the recent earthquake in Nepal.

Data from the European Space Agency has shown the mountain to be 2.5 cm shorter than before.
Analysis of satellite data comparing radar images of the terrain around Kathmandu, reveal a vertical lift of the ground by about 3 feet. This could explain the severity of damage around the city, following the 7.9-magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25th.

Gulf News reports:

Satellite data from the European Space Agency showed that the mountain subsided, making it about an inch shorter than it was before. The lowering occurred due to a relief of strain in the Earth’s crust.

The devastating quake of April 25, which displaced millions, has led to major topographical changes.

Researchers spotted the changes, including the rise of Nepal’s capital city of Kathmandu by approximately 3ft.
The shift was detected by comparing before-and-after radar images using a technique that produces an image called an interferogram. “The altitude of the Kathmandu Valley increased by 80cm as the Indian tectonic plate moved further to the Tibetan plate during the quake,” Madhu Sudan Adhikari, director general of the survey department said on Thursday, according to reports by Xinhua News Agency.
In addition to the vertical lift, researchers also found horizontal shifts of up to 7 feet.
The satellite data has also been used to help direct relief efforts in areas that have suffered from landslides.

Almost 8,000 people died in the earthquake, the worst to hit Nepal in 80 years.

Edmondo Burr
BA Economics/Statistics CEO