Putin Deploys ZRK Missile System To Attack US Air Force In Syria

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Putin deploys ZRK missile system to attacks US air force

President Vladimir Putin has ordered for the deployment of the ZRK missile system to Syria in order to shoot down US Air Force planes in the region. 

Russia’s longest running newspaper Izvestigya has reported that Russia intends to strengthen its anti-air defense systems in Syria as tensions with the U.S. continue to deteriorate.

Fort-russ.com reports:

Russian authorities are considering sending a batch of “Pantsir” anti-aircraft rocket missile and gun systems (ZRPK) to Syria.

The deal, concluded a few years ago, was only partially realized for financial reasons.

Now Moscow has decided to send the remaining Pantsir’s to Damascus without demanding immediate payment.

Interviewed experts believe that Moscow’s decision was influenced by the tense situation in Syria and the Americans’ threat to strike Assad’s troops.

As the director of the Foreign Policy Agency and program director of the Valdai Club, Andrey Sushentsov says, if the now Syrian Pantsir’s shoot down an American plane, then we will find ourselves in an even more difficult political situation than now, because the blame will be put on Russia and thereby bring the US-Russia confrontation to a new level.

However, for now everything is being done to ensure that the Pentagon will not decide to launch such strikes.

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