Joe Biden Says If He’s Elected President He Will Rejoin WHO

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Joe Biden

Joe Biden says if he is elected President, he will rejoin the World Health Organisation (WHO) on his first day in office, as part of his agenda to “restore our leadership on the world stage”.

Biden seems hell bent on reversing changes made by President Trump. Last year he also said that he would rejoin the Paris Climate Accord if he became president.

President Donald Trump formally withdrew the US from the corrupt WHO earlier this week.

The Independent reports: Donald Trump has made the WHO one of his main international targets as he seeks to attribute his country’s struggle with coronavirus to external forces.

While China remains his principal adversary – he now refers to the coronavirus as the “China virus” or “kung flu” – the president first withheld American funds from the WHO in April.

At the time, Mr Trump described the organisation as overly “China-centric”, a White House statement accusing it of “mismanagement, cover-ups, and failures” and of parroting Chinese government lines about the coronavirus, as well as opposing the Trump administration’s travel restrictions on arrivals from China in the name of political correctness.

The Trump administration is not only world government to have complained about the WHO, including about its relationship with China, with German ministers also acknowledging that the organisation needs to change.

However, Mr Trump’s decision to finally act his threat to pull out entirely has alarmed observers, worried that the absence of the US – and its significant funding – could allow China to consolidate its influence at the WHO even further.

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