Video: Jade Helm Fears Rise; Police Going Door To Door In Groups of 8

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Jade Helm 15
Jade Helm 15

Jade Helm 15, something that sounds more like the title to a Ridley Scott film akin to “Alien” than an actual, legitimate military exercise, is beginning in a few weeks. If you need a refresher on what exactly Jade Helm 15 is – check out some of our articles here, here, and here.

Reports and video evidence has recently been posted online showing groups of up to 8 police officers going door to door under what some are calling the “guise” of checking for storm damage – however, All News Pipeline has recently received a letter from a reader regarding Jade Helm 15.  The letter was from a man in Snyderg, Texas, and he recently spoke with the local sheriff who revealed some startling information – even for the lay person. reports [1]:

ANP reader Stacey White, who has recently published two youtube videos featuring low-flying B52 bombers over Big Spring, Texas [2], recently had the opportunity to speak with a Snyder sheriff whom they know personally in a local tractor supply store; Stacy’s note to us:

I talked to the sheriff when I was in a tractor supply store and confronted him on JH15. He told me JH15 won’t be ending September, it’s ending late November. He also wouldn’t look me in the eyes answering questions. He focused on something else when he answered. I personally know him so the way he answered things is like saying it, but not saying it. He said ‘they’ are saying it’s for the coming martial law. I asked him who ‘they’ are but he wouldn’t say. He did tell me that the govt. has been calling him and telling him to disregard reports of black suvs with 3 or more people. They are here to test radio communications throughout several areas in town. He told me, looking away, they are not telling him much but he is in constant contact with the s.o. in Big Spring about it … he said “I dont think it will be going on here but you never can tell since they’re not giving much info”. I also asked him why DHS was here in United supermarket parking lot he looked away again said oh, uh, I wasnt aware they were here. His expressions, body language and such, showed his uneasy and untrusting answers but was willing to give small hints that its bad crap. An he knows waaaay more than he is telling me…

While ANP was not at this conversation to document its authenticity, we have requested an interview be arranged with said sheriff so that we can get this documentation of JH15 being extended two additional months is authentic information.

Jade Helm 15
Jade Helm 15 Map

The article mentions that they have been asked to disseminate a letter written by a US Military Officer. The letter they received is below:

I believe it goes well beyond merely Obama.  I think there is an unwritten dogma within the senior ranks of the democratic party, DNC, that calls for the establishment of an armed forces who will be loyal to the president and not the US Constitution. Give Hillary Clinton eight years to put her goons in place and that transformation will be complete. Then you’ll have an armed forces that will confiscate personally owned fire arms, ignore posse comitatus etc. They are more concerned with building a force to control the US population than they are defending the nation. Today’s democratic party has no semblance to FDR, Truman or JFK. They’re not liberal, they are progressives, which is only a politically acceptable term for socialist/communist.  Pull up the CPUSA platform and compare it with democratic party platform;  someone is copying somebody, they are far too similar to be a coincidence.

Received from a VMI classmate today, and passed on. 
Purportedly from a flag officer. Draw your own conclusions.

‘Warrior leaders of General Patton’s or General LeMay’s stature are no longer wanted. The fundamental job of the military, ‘kill bad people and break their things,’ has become seriously hampered critically now, by ‘rules of engagement’ whose guiding logic is political, not successful, combat. If the US military is ever defeated, it will be because it is running the best Day Care centers in the world. 

We used to go to the Officers Club or NCO Club Stag Bar on Friday evenings to have a drink, smoke, and swap lies with our comrades. Having a drink with friends is now frowned on. Smoking causes cancer and might harm you. Bars are seen as sexist. Our personnel have quit patronizing their clubs, because what happens in the club is now fodder for a performance report. In fact, we don’t have separate clubs for the ranks any longer; instead we have something called ‘All Ranks Clubs’ or ‘Community Clubs.’ They’re open to men and women of all ranks. But no one is there.  I wonder why. 

The latest brilliant thought out of Washington is that operators flying remotely pilotless vehicles (RPVs, or drones) in combat areas from their workstations inside air conditioned trailers at duty stations in Nevada or Arizona should draw the same combat pay as real-world pilots actually aboard aircraft in hostile environments. More politically correct logic. Now they’re saying these same RPV operators are subject to the same stress levels as combat pilots actually flying in combat.Is that idiotic comment actually intended to be a statement of fact?

Where are people like the dynamic leaders of the past: Robin Olds, Doolittle, Patton, Ike, Boyington, Nimitz, etc.? They’re identified and forced out. This Administration doesn’t want those kinds of leaders. Division Commanders don’t run Divisions and Corps Commanders don’t run Corps. Can you imagine someone today looking for a LEADER to execute the Doolittle Raid, and suggesting that it be given to an educated, daredevil boozer — whose chief attributes were he had the respect of his men, an awesome ability to fly, and the organizational skills to put it together. Add to the foregoing an incredible level of courage. If so, I would tell them they were either a liar or dumber than a brick. 

We’ve lost the war on rugged individualism and that, unfortunately, is what fighting forces want to follow; not because they have to, but because they respect true leaders. We’ve all run across the kind of leader that made us proud to follow him because you wanted to be like him and make a difference.

We’d better wake up! We’re asking our young men and women to go to really crappy places; some with unbearable climates, never have a drink, and adhere to ridiculous regulations that require you to tuck your shirt into your PT uniform on the way to the porta-potty at night, in a blinding dust storm, because it’s ‘the uniform’.

The people we’re sending to combat are some of the brightest I’ve met but they’re looking for a little sanity, which they will only find on the outside, if we don’t get a damn clue. You can’t continue asking people to live for months or years at a time acting like nuns and priests. Even they get to have a beer once in a while.

Who are we afraid of offending? The people that already hate us enough to strap C-4 to their own bodies and walk into a crowd of us? Think about it. I’m massively proud of our young men and women who continue to serve. I’m also very in tune with what they’re considering for the future and I’ve got news for whoever sits in the White House, Congress, and our so-called ‘executive level military leaders’: much talent has and will continue to hemorrhage from our services, because our warriors are tired of fighting on two fronts – one with our enemies, the other with the lack of sensible direction from this Administration. Take it or leave it….that’s just the way it is, no ifs, and’s, or but’s.

Since Barack Obama has been in the White House, high-ranking military officers have been removed from their positions at a rate that is absolutely unprecedented. Things have gotten so bad that a number of retired generals are now publicly speaking out about the ‘purge’ of the US military they believe is taking place. 

Dozens of highly decorated military leaders have been dismissed from their positions over the past few years. Why is this happening? What’s going on right now is absolutely insane, especially during a time of peace. There is ongoing a deliberate attempt to reshape the military, and remove those who don’t adhere to proper ‘viewpoints’. Officers that question or won’t cooperate are identified, and gotten out of the way. 

Throughout world history, whatever comes next after a military purge is never good. If this continues, what’s the US military going to look like in a few years? Perhaps you’re reading this and you think that ‘purge’ is too strong a word for what’s taking place. If so, just consider the following quotes from some highly decorated retired officers:

– Retired Army Major General Patrick Brady (Medal of Honor): ‘There is no doubt Obama is intent on emasculating the military, and will fire anyone who disagrees with him.’

-Retired Army Lt. General William G. ‘Jerry’ Boykin: ‘Over the past three years, the number of four-star generals to be relieved of duty, and not relieved for cause, has been unprecedented.’

-Retired Navy Captain Joseph John: ‘More than 137 Navy Captains have been forced out or given bad evaluation reports so they will never make flag rank, because of their failure to comply to certain views.’

A high Pentagon official who has asked to remain nameless told me ‘Even young officers down through the ranks have been told not to talk about Obama or the politics of the White House. They’re purging everyone, and if you want to keep your job, keep your mouth shut’. This trend appears to be accelerating. 

The White House is intentionally weakening and gutting our military, and reducing us as a superpower. Anyone in the ranks who disagrees or speaks out is being identified and forced out. Coincidence? Every dictatorial regime on the planet has done this as soon as they gained power. 

I’m doing my part by sending this email, I hope you will do the same. 

Keep in mind as well that Obama is now on his fourth Secretary of Defense.’

Aaron Wilson recently had an opportunity to interview Admiral Ace Lyons about a 2016 ‘litmus test’. The video is below [3]:

Why is FEMA going door to door in Texas in groups of 8, asking about storm damage where there was none? [4]

All of this is very interesting.  After reading, what do you think?







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