Father And Son Fight Off Alligator In Texas

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A boy and his father managed to fight off an alligator who had taken hold of them in a lake in Texas.


A father and son survived an alligator attack at a lake near Houston, Texas.

Kaleb Hurley, 13, was grabbed by the arm while swimming in Lake Charlotte. The gator pulled the boy underwater and forced his dad, James Hurley, 42, to enter the water to save him.
The incident happened at Cedar Hill Park on Sunday. According to officials, the recent floods in Texas have displaced the gators during their nesting season.

Belfast Telegraph reports:

Witnesses told authorities that the boy’s father ran into the water to save his son. He was bitten by the same alligator on the leg, and his son kicked the creature until it released him.

Authorities said father and son were transported to Memorial Hermann Hospital, and both are in a serious but stable condition.

Chambers County s heriff Brian Hawthorne says it is nesting season for alligators, which have been displaced by the recent flooding.

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