Rand Paul: ‘Elitists Want to Usher In a New World Order – It’s Not a Conspiracy Theory’

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Rand Paul warns the elites want to usher in a New World Order

Senator Rand Paul has warned that the elites are now openly ushering in a ‘New World Order’ right under our very noses.

Appearing on Fox News, Sen. Paul discussed the ongoing World Economic Forum gathering in Davos, declaring that it is not a conspiracy theory to suggest the organization is seeking a one world government.

Paul warned that “The real danger here that’s even more dangerous than all their phony caring about carbon footprint, the real danger is this; look how bad your government is in a country where you get to vote for these people.”

“This would be a government, a world government where you don’t get to vote on anybody. This is everybody’s worst nightmare,” Paul said, referring to the ‘penetration’ of the WEF into governments globally.

“The bureaucracy that we have trouble in our United States because we don’t get to vote on them, we vote indirectly,” Paul said, adding “Can you imagine the one-world bureaucracy of all these elitists and their private jets that would rule our country and we wouldn’t get to vote?”

“So I’m dead set against this and they used to call people that talked about one-world government used to say it’s a conspiracy. We would always say no, it’s in their mission statement.”

“They say it at every meeting. That’s what they’re for,” Paul proclaimed, adding “lack of sovereignty means lack of freedom, it means lack of responsiveness and it’s completely antithetical to everything our country stands for.”


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