Rand Paul: ‘Throw Fauci in Prison for Five Years for Crimes Against Humanity’

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Rand Paul calls for Fauci to be imprisoned for five years

Senator Rand Paul has called for the immediate arrest and imprisonment of NAID boss Anthony Fauci for lying to congress and committing crimes against humanity.

In a fiery appearance on Fox Business on Thursday, Senator Paul declared: “Fauci should go to prison for five years for lying to congress. They [the DOJ] have prosecuted other people and they have selectively gone after republicans, but in no way will they do anything about him lying.”

Paul said that Fauci “should be prosecuted for lying, and at the very least he should be taken out of his position because I think he cost people lives through misinformation.“

“Every time he tells people, ‘Oh, wear a cloth mask,’ he is actually endangering people. If you are around someone with COVID, you don’t want to wear a mask because they don’t work,” he added.



“We’ve referred him to the Department of Justice,” Paul revealed, adding “but then again, Merrick Garland is the one now going after parents that go to school board meetings, so I don’t have a lot of hope that Merrick Garland is objectively looking at Fauci’s lying.”

Summit.news reports: Meanwhile, Joe Biden is joking that Fauci is the President:

Paul joins Senator Ted Cruz who also this week called for Fauci to be prosecuted.

Elsewhere during the interview, Paul took aim at the stalled Biden spending bill, noting that Democrats “couldn’t run a 7-Eleven, much less the government.”

Paul explained “If they want to force it through with no amendments and they want to do it in a short period of time, they have to have unanimous consent. Well, a lot of us don’t consent… just because the Democrats are incompetent and haven’t brought it forward that we should speed up time to let them spend more money that is bankrupting our country.”

The Senator continued, “They’ve had plenty of time to go to committee, to do all the things they need to do to do it through reconciliation. Instead, they’re going to wait to the last minute and ask people like me, who are dead set against raising the debt ceiling, like, say, ‘Oh, can you pretty, pretty please speed it up and let only Democrats pass this?’ No. If they want to raise the debt ceiling, they ought to do it.”

Watch the full interview below:


  1. Each and every senate and house representative has shown their true colors during this diabolical time in America these past few years. Each and every state governor, mayor and town council has as well. Let’s not even talk about the revolving door at the presidential and cabinet level and within the alphabet agencies, NGO’s and the MIC.

    • even RP is not totally up to speed on the many crimes and the VAX scams, but most in congress are even dumber and far more complicit in these crimes against all of us

      There never was a pandemic just a created event to get you to take the VAX that is in fact the killer ! None of it is or ever was real, just a giant lie ans scheme as all reportings and all testing is 100% bogus and just more crimes against YOU.

  2. Rand Paul said that the only things that work are “vaccines and natural immunity.” It’s unfortunate that RP believes in the “vaccines” effectiveness contrary to all the proof that they are useless and don’t confer immunity to covid and basically are kill shots.

    • Rand Paul and Dr. Ron Paul are freemasons. Expect betrayal, because all freemasons are loyal to British royalty. The first 4 U.S. President were murdered on July 4, 1826 and 1831 for betraying their freemason blood oaths to King George, their ‘Grand Patron’. Today and over the past 69 years, queen Elizabeth has been ALL freemasons’ ‘Grand Patron’. Give Rand Paul 5 years as a warning. The Military Tribunals would be appropriate. Maybe 10 years.

        • Look again. The higher the rank, the more involved in intrigues. They call the lower levels ‘porch monkeys’. Rand Paul is an obstruction to due process.

  3. The QUACK, aka Dr. Fauci, is slipperier than a greased pig, He has the Washington Bureaucratic PHD on evading consequences of his evil activities.

    • That hideous little man would cry and wet his pants with only a threat. He is a sociopath and the spawn of an infection. An evil grotesque man who is responsible for the torturous death of 25 orphaned children he used for his AIDs drug experiments, grotesque torture and murder of little dogs and monkeys. To say nothing of the pain, permanent injury and death caused by his vaccinations. These methods of his should be used on him and any dreadful offspring he has cast upon the world. In a sane world with just a little tiny bit of compassion for humanity this piece of filth would have been arrested years ago. Something is wrong with the entire structure of the criminal government.

      • I suspect prion contamination from utility grade meat to be a cause of such evil. Cut into Fauci like he does to everybody else to research this. if he gripes, Dragging time.

  4. RP referred FAuci to Garland’s DOJ. That is a useless action and certainly RP is not so stupid as to realize it is meaningless gesture. Again they all toe the line and do nothing. Garland is compromised little goblin whose daughter and son in law publish CRT books – while Garland has the FBI threatening any parent who opposes it. There is not one politician, even well meaning that will stand up against the tsunami of B.S. and evil doing.

  5. Rand Paul: ‘Throw Fauci in Prison for Five Years for Crimes Against Humanity’

    What an A$$Klown…

    Who remembers the FRAUD of Nuremburg? How many hung for Purimfest 46?
    Innocent, most especially J. Streicher!

    Of course Rand did the dirty dance at Fort Apollonia for the same tribe…

  6. The 5 years should be for Fauci’s lying to Congress. As for his crimes against humanity, there is another punishment that he needs to face….

  7. This
    whole thing is starting to look like a scripted dog and pony show in
    which all of the key players who appear to be “arch enemies” are
    employees of the same cabal who hire think tank scientists to write
    scripts for them to recite day in and day out to keep the show going
    (and are paid enormous amounts of money for doing it),
    but nothing is ever done to change anything, just the way it panned out
    with Trey Gowdy making all kinds of fire breathing noises about corrupt people in
    government during Trump’s administration and threatening prosecutions of the evildoers, but not one person was
    arrested or indicted. It was all for show to keep the public looking at
    that nonsense as a distraction away from what the cabal is doing behind
    the scenes. And many of the people who attempted to expose them wound up
    dead. And so it continues. And after each televised performance the “arch
    enemies” walk together down the street to the local bar and have drinks
    and give each other pats on the back.

  8. David Martin sent documents pertaining to at least 5 felonies committed by Fauci and others to Rand, yet Rand keeps using it to fill his coffers using his attacks on the criminal Fauci and still no one is arrested. Rand just keeps on ranting. His father was in office for how long? And nothing was ever accomplished, no audit of the UnFederal reserve, no one arrested for all of the 911 crimes or Iraqs destruction for the banksters. He looks like controlled opposition to me.

    • British freemasonry. Our first 4 of 5 presidents were murdered for violating their freemason blood oaths to King George. July 4, 1826 and July 4, 1831. Madison dodged this trend and 6th president John Quincy Adams ran on the Anti-Freemason ticket and won. His father, John Adams, the 2nd president, was one victim. We NEED these FACTS to be reemphasized in the minds of the public. This, of course, means that the British Empire’s Council on Foreign Relations should be banned, and the nationwide corporate media be recognized for what it is. A seditious organization. Read: Congressional Quarterly, 1917, Honorable representative Oscar Callaway, The CFR. Dr. David Martin is a national hero.

  9. Only 5 years? That’s too good. He not only should be imprisoned for crimes against humanity but also for cruelty to animals. His head should be stuck in an enclosed box with sand flies to have their way with him.

  10. Many Americans are simply fools. They never question a single thing, despite having dozens of tools that would enable them to. Dr. Rand Paul understands the relevant facts that surround all of the politics involving the corona virus. He has never said it isn’t dangerous to some people. He has tried to get Fauci to Admit the part that Fauci has had in “gain of function” research but Fauci lies that it wasn’t gain of function research. We have two major political parties. The democrats are 100 percent on the side of a liar. While some Republicans at least try to get him to admit his part in all of this. Sad and a testimony to the fact that the left really has no concern over anything that hurts human beings.

  11. Dr. Fauci is not a doctor. He is a clever diplomat. Dr. Rand Paul is giving to Americans as straight as he can about Fauci, Until his role in “gain of function” research is known, and he won’t even admit it, them nothing he says can be trusted. He’ probably just covering his a.. like all good dipllomats do.

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