Randy Quaid Angrily Attacks Rupert Murdoch And Warner Brothers

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Actor Randy Quaid has lashed out at Rupert Murdoch and Warner Bothers in an online video labelled “police-media corruption.”

Quaid points out that despite the $1 billion profits the films he has starred in (Independence Day and Christmas Vacation) have made, he has been treated badly in return.

In reference to the films the actor has made in the video he asks, “what did I get in return?”.  He then alleges, “a Warner Brothers exec, Bruce Berman, stole my house, and News Corp’s the ‘New York Post’ continues to smear me to high heaven with a pack of lies.”

Salon.com reports:

Quaid then went on to claim that Warner Brothers had him arrested six times by TMZ — or the “police-media corruption.”

Quaid and his wife Evi (who is also in the video) have been arrested multiple times, and are currently living in Canada to avoid trial on charges of vandalism and residential burglary. According to authorities, the two were living illegally in a guest house on property in Santa Barbara they no longer owned.

In the video Quaid says he has be “put through a living hell of biblical proportion.”

“So Rupert, you want to fuck me? I’m going to fuck you,” said Quaid says. He then hands his wife a Murdoch mask.

Sean Adl-Tabatabai
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