Researchers To Sue Japanese Government For Covering Up Vaccine Side Effects

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Japanese researchers

A team of Japanese researchers have announced that they intend to sue the Japanese government if the Health Ministry continues to refuse to acknowledge the causal link between the vaccine and deaths.

During a press conference Professor Masanori Fukushima said: “Around April last year, the pathology and forensics societies have already issued a statement that in the future, an autopsy should be done on people who have died after vaccination” He continued: “In the future, we need to urgently establish guidelines on what kind of medical treatment should be provided for victims injured by vaccines, and we need to develop diagnostic techniques.”

The Gateway Pundit reports: According to Fukushima, Japan’s Health Ministry won’t acknowledge the causal link between the vaccine and deaths. The Japanese researchers threatened the government that additional lawsuits would be filed for the COVID vaccine harm cover-up.

“One more thing, pathological autopsies have already been conducted on people who died after receiving the vaccine. However, the Health Ministry is still unwilling to acknowledge the causal link between the vaccine and the deaths. If the health ministry maintains this unjustified position, we intend to file additional lawsuits in consultation with our lawyers,” said Fukushima

“We demand the Health Ministry provides appropriate victim compensation based on the vaccination law. In other words, the victim is compensated based on the vaccination law that is properly stipulated by Japanese law,” he continued.

When asked by a reporter on what he would say to medical professionals who provide vaccines to patients, he responded:

I want to say one thing very clearly to the Health Ministry in addition to the medical professionals. They should distribute a Vaccination Victim’s Handbook to everyone who has been vaccinated. The Vaccination Victim’s Handbook is similar to the Atomic Bomb Victim’s Handbook, which is distributed to survivors of atomic bombs. After distributing the vaccination victims handbook to vaccinated people, medical institutions should be encouraged to properly follow up with vaccinated people.

It is necessary to examine whether there is a link between the disease and the vaccine. Biopsy tests should be performed on sick people suspected a vaccine-induced illness.

Prof. Fukushima added, “Vaccines are four times more likely to be infected than non-vaccinated people. Mortality rates were also found to be higher among vaccinated people of all ages. The evidence to promote vaccination has been lost. The state has hidden and stopped disclosing inconvenient data. It is a serious national crisis.”

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  1. give me a thumbs up if you passed the IQ test, and didn’t get the vax.

    if you held strong against the CIA designed propaganda, the peer pressure, and didn’t take the poison.

    if you held strong to your beliefs that you should not inject dead baby cells into your blood stream.

    If you chose to protect your God given DNA over an alteration designed by some jerk in a lab coat.

    God is proud of you, and you did not disappoint him. You are blessed.

    Keep listening to the Holy Spirit. He will guide you thru the next deception. Keep on trusting him.

  2. God bless these good men! Together, the world will end evil pharma & their cabal. And we’ll regain our health & live much longer, quality lives.

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