British Royal Family In ‘Crisis Mode’ As Meghan Markle Nude Pics Break Internet

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Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family are in "crisis mode" after explicit nude images of Prince Harry's fiancé Meghan Markle surfaced.

Queen Elizabeth and the British Royal Family have entered “crisis mode” after a series of explicit nude images of Prince Harry’s fiancé Meghan Markle began circulating on the internet, and a petition created by the British people to deny the Hollywood actress a formal Royal title began gathering steam.

Meghan Markle has yet to marry Prince Harry, but she is already loathed by many of the British people. That much is evidenced by the new petition against the American actress which was created by an influential London woman.

The official petition is now imploring Her Majesty the Queen and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa May to prevent Meghan Markle from “having an official title or role in the Royal Family.

The Londoner who started the petition, Louisa Pawsey, lists several legitimate reasons for wanting to deny Markle a title after her Royal wedding to Prince Harry in March 2018:

  • There are nude photos of the American actress available online.
  • Markle has already been divorced once.
  • She has a history of cheating on her romantic partners.

Pawsey’s petition states that “Meghan Markle is unsuitable to be a member of the Royal Family and to have an official position in representing this country. She has shown her disrespect for the Monarch and Royal Family by pulling faces and sticking her tongue out to the visitors during her first public appearance with the Queen.”

The petition adds, “Her attitude and actions in Nottingham shows her lack of respect towards Harry,” before pointing out, “The fact that members of the Armed forces are resigning due to the fact they had naked pictures of her in their barracks shows how little respect she will command.”

It goes on, “No member of the Royal Family should have naked images of them freely available on the internet as she does.” Pawsey’s petition continues, “Her constant sex simulation makes her a laughing stock and an embarrassment to this country. Her previous divorces and cheating on partners does not lend us to believe she will be faithful to Harry. Please prevent her from having an official role or title after her marriage to Harry.

MadWorld reports: This is quite a different reaction than we saw to Kate Middleton, who married Harry’s brother William, when she became engaged. Indeed, Kate was beloved all over the world. She couldn’t even wear a dress without it selling out within minutes.

So, what’s so different about Meghan Markle? Both girls are beautiful. Both came from much more humble means than their spouses. Are they really so different?

Where politics is concerned, the answer is a resounding “yes.” With regards to Kate Middleton, we really don’t know where she stands politically, and that’s the way it should be; members of the Royal Family have been prohibited from pushing a political agenda ever since the UK officially became a democracy.

Meghan, on the other hand, is a liberal extremist and makes no effort to hide it. This could end up being incredibly controversial for the monarchy, and even worse for the British nation, because of her vocal opposition to President Donald Trump.

British relations with the Trump administration have reached a low point, and the last thing the UK needs now is a mouthy new Royal who can’t keep her disdain for Trump under wraps.

Another issue could be Markle’s liberal political views. The American celebrity was in favor of the UK remaining in the European Union and was against Brexit.

She has also been critical of President Donald Trump.

Markle’s views could strain relations with the US. Prince Harry has reportedly been warned against inviting former president Barack Obama to the wedding in May out of a concern for offending President Trump. [Source: BizPac Review]

All things considered, Meghan Markle simply is not Royal material. Truly, Prince Harry should have chosen more wisely. The pair seemingly just became engaged, and already, there has been a flood of negative publicity for the American actress.

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