Rudy Giuliani Says “The Democratic Party Has Plans For Joe Biden”

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If Joe Biden wins the election, the Democrats themselves could oust him at a whim, according to Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

The Democratic Party has been openly laying the ground work to be in a position to easily force Joe Biden out of office if he is elected president, Giuliani told RT’s Going Underground.

He said: “The Democrat Party has plans for Joe Biden. There is no question. There are two major things they can take him out of office any time they want

RT reports: One way the party leadership could have a President Biden forced to retire is on the grounds that “he suffers from dementia,” Giuliani said.

Nancy Pelosi wants to loosen the restrictions on getting the president out of office, if he is suffering from mental illness. And she said it doesn’t pertain to Trump. So what is it for?

Giuliani was referring to the Democratic House Speaker’s recent move to establish a commission that would decide whether the president in power is mentally fit for the office. She said the work was not designed to target Trump, as he would be ousted at the ballot box. This sparked speculation among the president’s supporters that the Democrats had hatched a contingency plan to force a transfer of power to Kamala Harris, in case Biden wins.

Alternatively, the Democrats could use the very information about alleged corruption involving Biden’s son Hunter, which supporters of the Democratic candidate currently dismiss as disinformation. The US media and tech giants have been accused of trying to suppress the story. Giuliani played a key part in promoting the allegations, which are based on thousands of photos and emails allegedly belonging to Hunter Biden.

One of the most vocal supporters of the incumbent president, Giuliani accused powerful critics of Trump of colluding to prevent his reelection and to put a “deeply compromised” Biden in office. Those include the “maniacally anti-Trump” media, big tech companies acting to censor information harmful for Biden, and the Democratic Party, which Giuliani claims is in the pocket of Silicon Valley.

“They don’t do any censorship to favor Trump. The censorship is against Trump and to elect the guy they control, Joe Biden,” he said.

The reason they despise Trump is because Trump basically tells them to go to hell.

According to Trump’s lawyer, one example of the bias is in how differently the media and tech companies like Twitter and Facebook treated the Hunter Biden leak and the story of Trump’s leaked tax returns. Giuliani compared both sets of data, pointing out that only the one harmful to Biden was suppressed.

Big tech and big media are what [Trump] says – the enemy of the people.

“When you deprive the American people of critical information about a presidential election, you are really not a journalist, you are some kind of a political hack,” Giuliani said.


  1. Darn straight. The Democrats have to play catch-up because they’re already four years behind on their agenda.

  2. Course ,obviously the top priority to them is protecting the famous faces compromised by the Epstein Island exposures and who better than Pedo Joe to guarantee the biggest cover up in history ? After that they won’t need him really, so he can be put out to graze in the back paddock .

  3. Quid-Pro-Slo-Joe and Jill have only one plan, make it to the inauguration and what ever time qualifies them for the lucrative Presidential and FLOTUS pensions, then retire and hand is all to the raving lunatic communist Kamalatoe and the SWAMP.

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