IDF Strikes Military Targets Near Syrian Capital Damascus

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The Israeli Defense Forces reportedly launched several missiles at a strategic target close to the Syrian capital Damascus overnight on Friday.

Syrian state TV said “military positions” were targeted by surface-to-surface missiles, some were intercepted by the Syrian Air Defense and others hit their intended target.

Some reports claim an Iranian military base was the target, and that both surface-to-surface missiles and warplanes were used in the attack

RT reports:Arab outlet Al-Masdar News, citing its sources, reported that the target was an ammunition depot of the Syrian Army, located between the towns of Kiswah (Kesweh) and Sahnaya. “Loud explosions” were heard as the missiles hit their target, the news service said.

Other sources, however, claim the target was an alleged Iranian military base in the Kiswah area, some 13 kilometers (8 miles) from the city of Damascus. Reports on the alleged airstrikes in some Israeli outlets were then taken down for several hours.

The warplanes reportedly launched the missiles from Lebanese airspace.

The engagement of Israeli missiles by Syrian anti-aircraft troops was confirmed by some Syrian media, although their reports claimed that they had been fired not by Israeli aircraft but rather from ground positions. According to the state-owned Al-Ikhbariya TV channel, two missiles were shot down.

Videos have emerged on social media purporting to show the moment one of the Israeli missiles was intercepted by Syrian Air Defense.

Israel has previously carried out airstrikes targeting Syrian territory, either claiming to be targeting positions of the militant group Hezbollah or retaliating in response to stray projectiles that occasionally cross the border into the Israeli-occupied side of the Golan Heights.

However, in early November an Israeli attack hit a copper factory in the Syrian province of Homs, prompting Damascus to urge condemnation of Israel’s actions at the UN.

Israeli officials have long accused Iran of trying to establish a military foothold in Syria, where Tehran has been supporting Damascus’s fight against ISIS and other terrorists. According to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, however, the goal is “using Syria as a base from which to destroy Israel.”

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