Pigs Fed GMO Corn All Become Sterile Says Farmer

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A farmer who witnessed a disturbing side effect after feeding his pigs GMO, is now helping other farmers to go organic.

Jerry Rosman, a corn and livestock farmer in Iowa since 1974, has long been a follower of the latest “technologies” in farming  and in 1997 he started growing GM crops.

However after three years of feeding his pigs his genetically engineered corn crops the sows started to experienced reproductive issues. They began having “fake pregnancies.”

Natural Blaze reports: That is, 80% of his female pigs appeared pregnant, experienced all the symptoms of pregnancy – but when they went into labor they gave birth to sacks of water!

After years of being bullied or having those he talked to get bullied, Rosman found out he wasn’t alone. We’ve said time and again that Monsanto and other chemical/seed companies constantly blame farmers or thrown them under the bus when their products are revealed to cause major problems. They like to say that it’s a problem of crop management – that the farmers are not following instructions especially when it comes to pesticide use.

Other farmers experienced Rosman’s farming losses but were dismissed by Monsanto et al. Likewise, it appears that employees from Iowa University stationed near Monsanto were silenced because of grants from Monsanto – eerily similar to the plot of the GMO thriller called Consumed – which we highly recommend.

In 2014, we reported that a Danish farmer entered himself into a study to find out what made so many of his piglets deformed and stillborn. The culprit was glyphosate – the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide that is used on its crops that are engineered to withstand the herbicide that would otherwise kill the crops.

Danish farmers’ deformed piglets:

Whereas Rosman lost his pig farm and they never recovered their fertility, the Danish farmer was able to recover his pigs when he switched them back to conventional feed.

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