UK Police Threaten Female Pedophile Hunter With Arrest

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UK police threaten successful pedophile hunter with arrest

British police have threatened to arrest a 24-year-old female pedophile hunter who successfully caught dozens of pedophiles in the UK and brought them to justice. 

The move comes after UK police chiefs vowed to put an end pedophile hunting groups, with police officers instructed to start arresting pedophile hunters. reports: Fed up with the way the justice system seemed to let down victims, I decided to take things into my own hands, hunting down the disgusting perverts of Jersey.

It all began when my friend’s little girl confessed that a man she’d met in a chatroom had been sending her explicit messages. She’d joined a chatroom to talk to her schoolmates in the evenings, but it wasn’t long before a local man called Alecsandru
started grooming her. At 14 years old, she was still innocent, and naturally was upset by the messages.

‘Does he know how old you are?’ I asked her gently, as I scrolled through the horrifying messages (‘I’m horny, I really want to kiss you’). She nodded with such a look of fright on her face that I felt a wave of anger rush over me.

The thought of anyone doing this to my own kids, who are four and one, made me feel sick to the core. Luckily, my friend’s little girl had shown us the messages, but what about the kids who were drawn in by men like this? That was the moment I vowed to take matters into my own hands.

I asked, ‘How would you feel about me continuing this conversation for you?’ She agreed, handing over her chatroom log-in details. For the next few days I carried on chatting to Alecsandru.

I couldn’t believe the sorts of sleazy things he was saying when he believed I was a 14-year-old girl.

‘Are you a virgin?’ he asked, and seemed turned on when I replied that I was. ‘Do you want to have sex with me or not?’ he pestered. I was so angry that it was hard to keep up the pretence, but I knew I had to catch the creep for the sake of other kids in Jersey.

The first hunt

A few days later, my phone pinged with a message from Alecsandru, asking me to meet him by the waterfront. I knew this was my chance to catch him so I agreed, hopping in the car with a friend and driving to the place he mentioned.

We waited for 20 minutes in the car, and for a while I thought he wasn’t going to show up. He’d sent a photo so I knew what he looked like, and my eyes scanned the waterfront nervously.

Suddenly I saw him, looking shifty by the water’s edge and I sprang into action. Pulling my phone out of my pocket, I snapped away furiously, zooming in on his face. I was terrified that the pictures wouldn’t come out properly and the pervert would get away with it, but I grinned as we drove away – the photos had come out perfectly.

I drove straight to the police station.

‘I’ve caught a paedophile,’ I told stunned police officers, handing over the images and the messages on my phone.

With my evidence, Alecsandru-Moise Buta, 19, was arrested. I was there at the court case four months later, watching as he pleaded guilty to sexual grooming. His sentence was disappointing: three years on the sex offender’s register, and 180 hours of community service. But I was pleased that he’d been punished.

That night, as I tucked my little ones into bed, I couldn’t help but think about all the other monsters out there, waiting to lure kids to secluded places.

For the next few days, I couldn’t shake off the thoughts. Eventually, I told my partner that I had made a big decision: ‘People like Alecsandru shouldn’t be able to get away with it. I need to make the world a safer place – for my kids, and for everyone else’s.’ To my surprise, he agreed, and even offered to assist in whatever way he could.

Friends were also keen to help, sending me pictures of themselves as teenagers for me to use to lure paedophiles. I joined just about every chatroom and dating app I could think of, posing as teenage girls and boys of no older than 15 years old. Most people blocked me from the dating apps when they realised how old I was, but it wasn’t long before I found someone who didn’t.

Determined to help

I was posing as a 15-year-old schoolboy who had just come out as gay. But 48-year-old Jason seemed to get off on the fact I was underage, bombarding me with sleazy messages and topless selfies.

The messages I sent were always chatty and innocent, but Jason kept changing the conversation back to sex. I’d sent a picture of my mate as a teenage boy, a normal selfie, and he wasted no time in telling me how ‘cute’ I was.

Keeping up the act was tough, but I bit my tongue, and after a few days he asked me to meet him at a public toilets in a local carpark.

‘Wear jogging bottoms,’ he added.

At first I thought it was a weird request – but my skin crawled as I realised the tracksuit bottoms were for easy sexual access. It made me even more determined to catch him.

The next day, my partner and I pulled into a parking space with a perfect view of the entrance to the loos. This time, I was ready with my phone pressed up against the glass.

When Jason appeared, looking around shadily as he lurked by the toilets, I couldn’t believe how old he looked, and I shuddered as I thought of the kids who might fall victim to him. I snapped away, just like before, but this time he spotted me, rushing away with his head down.

I took my evidence to the police, and Jason Bushell Sutton was arrested the next day. This time, the creep was put behind bars.

He got 10 months in prison, placed on the sexual offender’s register and was banned from being alone with any boy under the age of 16 for five years. I was over the moon.

The response has been mixed. I’ve had mums telling me I’m a hero, but others have told me I shouldn’t be doing it myself. I do sometimes worry about my personal safety – in a recent case, the man tried to snatch my phone from me. But the worst anyone is going to do is punch me, while they will still be exposed as a paedophile.

I won’t stop what I’m doing because every paedophile I catch is one less abuser on the streets. My goal is for a change in the law to try to make passport ID a requirement to enter every chat site, so these people can’t use them to groom children.

In the meantime, I’ll carry on hunting them on every app I can think of, spending every spare minute I can exposing these people.

I want my message to get out there: paedophiles, I will make it my mission to catch you. I’m coming for you.

Sean Adl-Tabatabai
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