Russia Claims It Can Neutralise US Navy Using Electronic Jamming

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electronic jamming

A Russian news report claims Russia can neutralize the worlds strongest navy by using radio interference and electronic jamming devices.

By using a small electronic jamming device with the poetic name Lesochek, ‘Russian Electronic Warfare’ troops can ‘detect and neutralize any target from a ship’s system and a radar, to a satellite’, according to news report.electronic jamming

Russia has already used the system around American destroyer USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea by utilizing the latest electronic warfare complex Khibiny, which momentarily rendered the ship’s Aegis Combat System useless.

Daily Mail reports:

American destroyer USS Donald Cook was effectively left helpless when a Russian plane used the technology while the vessel was in the Black Sea several years ago, the report claimed.

Front line bomber Sukhoi Su-24 flew around the ship, which the report was equipped with the latest US defence system Aegis, the newsreader announced.

The report then claims to have found an account of the incident by one of the ship’s crew on social media revealing how there was ‘mysticism’ onboard as the ship’s locating devices shut down.

‘The pride of our fleet became our shame,’ the crew member is reported as saying – though their identity is not revealed.

The plane had apparently been fitted out with Russia’s ‘latest electronic warfare complex Khibiny’ which used ‘powerful electronic waves to deactivate the ship’s systems’, the newsreader claimed.

Another part of the report includes a quote, attributed to US General Frank Gorenc, saying: ‘Russian electronic weapons completely paralyse the functioning of American electronic equipment installed on missiles, aircraft and ships.’

As well as showing pictures of high-tech monitoring and surveillance technology, the report also suggests ‘You don’t need to have expensive weapons to win – powerful radio-electronic jamming is enough.’

The propaganda clip comes after US President Donald Trump dispatched the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson to the Korean Peninsula amid rising tensions with North Korea.

Two other US aircraft carriers were yesterday reported as being ready to sail to the region.

It also comes just days after Russia unveiled a new Arctic base capable of housing 150 troops and nuclear-ready aircraft.

The triangular complex, painted in the red, white and blue of the Russia’s tricolor flag, has been built in remote Alexandra Land in the Franz Josef Archipelago.

While parts of the base remain top secret, military chiefs have offered a glimpse at the interior of the building.

It comes as part of Russia’s largest Arctic military push since the fall of the Soviet Union and as Moscow moves to lay claim to the region’s huge oil and gas reserves – believe to be worth as much as £23trillion.

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