Largest Ever Russian Air Strike Kills 2,400 ISIS Fighters – Media Blackout

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Largest ever Russian strike kills 2000 ISIS militants

Russia has killed around 2,400 ISIS militants in its largest ever air strike against the terrorist regime to-date.

Amid a total media blackout, the Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed that the strikes conducted in Syria between September 19 and 29, resulted in the deaths of 2,359 militants and left a further 2,700 critically injured. reports:

“Terrorist organizations Islamic State and Al-Nusra have sustained their most serious losses for the last several months. Due to the effective operations of the Russian forces, they have been seriously weakened,” said a statement from the ministry, released on Saturday.

The ministry said that over 11 days Russian aircraft destroyed 67 militant outposts, 51 armories, 27 tanks, 21 rocket launchers and nearly 200 specialized vehicles belonging to the Islamist groups.

The ministry said that the air strikes helped repel counter-offensives by militants in the provinces of Idlib and Deir ez-Zor. A region on the Iraqi border, Deir ez-Zor has seen some of the heaviest fighting anywhere in Syria over the past few months.

“With help from the Russian Air Force, the Syrian army is currently completing the encirclement and destruction of a large Islamic State force, numbering about 1,500 fighters, which invaded from Iraq, in the eastern part of Deir ez-Zor,” said the ministry.

September 30 marks the second anniversary of the Russian army’s involvement in the Syrian conflict, at the behest of the government of Bashar Assad. Moscow recently said that government forces have retaken control of 87 percent of the country’s territory.


  1. ” U.S. exceptionalism is nothing but a euphemism for immunity, discrimination and propaganda to excuse and defend War Crimes carried out by the United States. ” Bentham

  2. Keep up the great work Russia. But remember when Damascus is turned to rubble, and it surely will be, as it was written long ago, the entire world will regret it as world war3 will be in full bloom. Enjoy the ride most ask for it, many wanted it.

      • At least then Putin **Might** as in **Maybe** he will retaliate finally.
        It is getting sickening watching exceptionalistan being able to keep up the provocations like it has and NO retaliation, not a damn thing. Retaliation should be getting directed directly at the heartland. Putin is USELESS.

  3. It’s a shame that Russia can’t strike at the heads of the two-headed snake I.e. the Zionists who control the U.S. and. the Zionists who control Israel. Since they both created ISIS, getting them out of the picture would bring a great change for the better but that ain’t gonna hsppen. The U.S. and Israel still have Sudan, Somalia, Lebanon and Iran to take control of so that they can create the “Greater Israel”. Of course, the question now becomes whether Syria can remain strong. And of course, what will the Saudi pigs be up to to help their best friends, the U.S. and Israe?

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