US Surgeon General Warns That Surge In Viral Illnesses Is Pushing Hospitals To The Brink

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US hopsitals

US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy warned this week that respiratory illnesses like Covid, RSV, and the flu are pushing U.S. hospitals to the brink this fall.

“Hospitals are filling up, children’s hospitals in particular,” he told ABC’s Good Morning America while urgeing Americans to take precautions against all viruses.

His warning comes as the seasonal flu, which apparently disappeared during the covid pandemic, returned this year with a vengeance.

Yahoo News reports: This fall, pediatric hospitals are brimming with an unusually high number of patients who are sick from several different viruses—predominantly RSV, flu, and COVID, but also influenza-like viruses like rhinovirus and enterovirus. As a result of this “tripledemic,” many hospitals are at or near capacity. Some are far beyond it, having made room for patient overflow in offices, gift shops, play areas, and parking-lot tents.

But adult hospitals are also struggling owing to the surge in respiratory illnesses. Federal health officials stand ready to deploy troops and FEMA personnel, and supplies like ventilators from the Strategic National Stockpile, they said in November, as they announced that the U.S. had officially reached epidemic levels of the flu.

Handwashing, masking in crowded places, staying home when sick, and getting the COVID and flu vaccine are simple steps Americans can take to free up hospital beds for those who truly need them, Murthy said.

“It’s more important than ever … that we take these measures, because they’re one way that we can take care of our kids, [and] also relieve the strain on health care workers.”

The federal government is supporting hospitals in need with “personnel, ventilators, equipment,” Murthy said. “We are also working closely with them to coordinate so that across a given region or a state, beds can be utilized at the most efficient.”


  1. The average Lifespan is approaching minus 4 years in 5 years. Black males live an average of 58 years. The fictitious “Covid 19” is blamed, but the decrease in the standard of living is caused by the decline in basic necessities like clinical and preventable medical care.

    • It’s racism They control precisely how foodstuffs are distributed in batches to post codes “Nothing is what it seems” QE2. They control the electricity flows and the 5g signals etcetera.

      • It’s a cross-the board decline in longevity blamed on the fictitious “Covid19.”

        ….life expectancy has been on the rise in the US: it was 47 years in 1900, 68 years in 1950, and by 2019 it had risen to nearly 79 years. But it fell to 77 in 2020 and dropped further, to just over 74, in 2021. That’s the largest decrease over a two-year span since the 1920s.

  2. Psyop continues.
    we have indoor plumbing, heat and hot water, the most sanitary time in history, and we are supposed to believe that we are all falling down ill with viruses. come on people.

  3. Load of absolute rubbish and they absolutely know they have mass psychosis induced terror of a tiny temp or a sniffle or a sore throat into harvesting billions for their pockets.

  4. Too bad we destroyed all those immune systems with hoax virus jabs. What should we blame it on so we don’t admit that we tried to kill off the population? Climate Change? Exertion? Monkeypox? Stress?

  5. Learn BLS and CPR! Be prepared. The sudden “respiratory problems” seem to coincide with the geoengineering the F out of the skies in the winter.

  6. Let’s see, an invisible something-or-other which was media blitzed down everyone’s throat for 3 years and still ongoing, for which fraudulent tests and procedures for detecting “cases” and very dangerous and reckless “remedies” were quickly (or already) concocted (including masktardation), for all of which bribery and extortion were utilized in order to pressure people to act against their own interests (or by force “for their own good”), or else should we just blame the injections and mass gullibility and drop the masks already?

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