Couple Drove From China To UK In A Van – Video

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LDV Maxus vans have a tumultuous history, however there are some diehard fans out there. A Chinese couple recently traveled over 12,000 miles in their much beloved one.

The pair departed from Shanghai, China and arrived safely in Birmingham, UK. Their reason for the very long trip was so they could ‘bring the van back home’.

48-year-olds Yaoguo Chen and Jie Wu left Shanghai on July 1 and got to Birmingham, which is the original home of their LDV Maxus van, on August 26th.

Theirs was actually built in Shanghai, but to understand why they consider its roots to belong in Birmingham, you have to delve into the carmaker’s history. The Maxus was introduced nearly a decade ago by the GAZ Group, even though it was part of a joint project with South Korea’s Daewoo. Due to manufacturer troubles, GAZ Group stopped producing the LDV in 2008.

In 2010 a Chinese automaker purchased property rights and took over the Maxus V80 vans, which are now built in Shanghai, however the Maxus models were once made at the LDV production plant in England.

The couple wanted to travel together to experience where their Maxus started its life. Jie Wu remarked “Owning a Maxus is the big reason we wanted to come to Birmingham. The vehicle is from Birmingham, it was designed by LDV and it has come home.”

As a bonus, they got to see various parts of the world like ‘Mongolia, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Holland, and France’.

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