Video: Researchers Achieve Long Distance Brain-To-Brain Communication

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Have you ever been thinking about someone and then suddenly received a call from them?

An international team of scientists has done one better by achieving actual and verifiable long distance brain-to-brain communication.

Said one of the team members, “We wanted to find out if one could communicate directly between two people by reading out the brain activity from one person and injecting brain activity into the second person, and do so across great physical distances by leveraging existing communication pathways.”

So, using the Internet and some non-invasive technologies that interpret and deliver brain signals, the group set out to send the thoughts of a test subject in India to the brains of participants in France.

Their goal was accomplished, but through a somewhat circuitous route.

On the sending end, the brain’s electrical pulses were picked up by a sensor. Those were then translated to binary code, entered into a brain-operated computer, and sent to their destination.

Once the bits of information arrived, they were processed by another apparatus that delivered the words as light pulses in the recipients’ brains.

By reading the flashes, the targets of the communication were able to decipher the message, which consisted of two words – ‘ciao’ and ‘hola’.

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