Jim Caveizel Tells CIA: “You’ll Have To Kill Me Before I Stop Exposing Your Pedophile Ring”

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Jim Caviezel declares CIA will have to kill him before he stops exposing their pedophile ring

Hollywood actor Jim Caviezel has declared that he will keep exposing the CIA pedophile ring regardless of the multiple assassination attempts on his life.

According to Caviezel, since he publicly claimed that the CIA “operates the world’s biggest pedophile ring,” he has been the target for numerous credible death threats.

Caveizel appeared in the “Spero Pictures” podcast last Thursday to send a message to the Deep State goons trying to silence him in the wake of the huge success of the child trafficking film “Sound of Freedom.”

Caveizel first addressed a viral tweet by Wall Street Silver quoting The People’s Voice report exposing how the CIA want Caviezel dead for exposing their global VIP pedophile ring:

“They will make it look like an accident,” Wall Street Silver warned, with a screenshot of The People’s Voice article. “He is likely correct, the CIA does this and it is used for blackmailing their assets in high places to keep them in line.”

Caveizel told viewers he does not fear the alphabet agencies, but that they should fear God.

“Well, let me explain something to all of you in the world that think that I’m a little girl and I’m afraid of you,” the actor began. “I’m not scared in the least bit. I gave…God brought me into Hollywood to become an actor. He asked me to do that. He was my intel officer. The greatest God, the only God, and he loved me enough to give me a purpose in my life…cause I was the lowest of the low and that time…and I would gladly trade my life to save these little ones, cause the screaming that I heard was so horrific, I can’t sleep at night. At 3 in the morning, for whatever reason, I can hear it.”

Infowars.com reports: Caveizel then appeared to insinuate that the CIA was to blame for his motorcycle crash in 2009 as retaliation for his work on Mel Gibson’s “Passion of the Christ.”

“So I want you to understand, when you try to do what you did to me on ‘The Passion of the Christ,’ change the world narrative, you never scared me. You don’t scare me now,” he said.

The “Thin Red Line” actor went on to praise Gen. Flynn for his sacrifice to the country and shredded the media “fact-checkers” for smearing “Sound of Freedom”, which is based on a true story.

“It’s also, I just want to say, I love General Flynn, and how he gave his life, and guys like that inspire me,” he said. “Warriors that I work with, Seal Teams that I work with….not the media. Yes there’s good media, like Lara Logan, people that are giving their lives…that actually go down there, not your stupid fact-checkers…and by the way, do you have to go to fact-checking school? Where? Is that like a Doctor Degree, Master’s Degree?”

“I’m not afraid of you,” he continued. “I’ve got the Blessed Mother, she’s with me.  Our Lady of Guadalupe, she’s with me. But our Lord Jesus Christ, who I love with all my heart, I do not fear you at all. You should fear God.”

“Sound of Freedom” has grossed over $80 million since its July 4th opening, a remarkable feat given its small budget and modest marketing distribution.

Watch the full Caveizel-Flynn interview:

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