Incredible Winnie The Pooh Cloud Appears Over Children’s Charity Event

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Winnie the Pooh

A cloud in the shape of Winnie the Pooh magically appeared in the sky at a charity event for sick children in Dorset.

The fictional teddy bear appeared to be floating in heaven after consuming a jar of honey.

The New Zealand Herald reports:

Eagle-eyed attendees of the event at Sandbanks, Dorset, in the UK, saw a cloud in the sky which looked just like the fictional bear.

The cloud, people said, looks just like the bear relaxing after eating just a bit too much honey.

It delighted attendees at an event for the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund.

Earlier this year, the Queen and Prince George met the famous bear in a new book.

Her Majesty the Queen and Winnie-the-Pooh finally came face to face in a new adventure for the “Bear of Very Little Brain” published to celebrate their joint 90th birthday year.

In the story, called Winnie-the-Pooh and the Royal Birthday, Pooh leaves the Hundred Acre Wood for London, accompanied by Christopher Robin, Piglet and Eeyore, hoping to deliver his special gift to the Queen – a poem, or “hum”, he has written for the occasion.

Not only does Pooh manage to read his poem to the Queen, who is “just as Queenly and smiley and wonderful as they had expected her to be”, but Prince George, making a cameo appearance, is given a balloon by Piglet.

And while the poem – about the joy of “doing nothing much” – and the balloon are the gifts in the story, it is the book itself which will surely become one of the most treasured real-life birthday surprises for the Queen.

Turning up in the sky at a children’s charity event is a fantastic way to celebrate your 90th year.Winnie the Pooh


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