Hollywood Actor Jim Caviezel Says CIA “Operates World’s Biggest Pedophile Ring”

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Jim Caviezel says CIA runs world's biggest peodphile ring

Hollywood actor Jim Caviezel has warned that the CIA operates the world’s biggest pedophile ring and has some of the world’s most powerful leaders as members.

During an interview with Steven Bannon on Tuesday, Bannon focused on promoting Caviezel’s new film Sound of Freedom, which is based on the true story of a former government agent who embarked on a mission to rescue children from sex traffickers in Colombia.

Bannon asked Caviezel if he thinks U.S. intelligence agencies play a role in the human trafficking industry.

“Absolutely,” replied Caviezel. “The three-letter agencies, they’re all involved.”

“Do you believe that that’s part of the senior government apparatus just does not want to touch this?” asked Bannon, adding “they profit off it. They don’t mind if it happens… and like you said, there’s five drug agents to every one human trafficking agent. This trafficking is a massive problem, people know it’s a problem.”

“That’s my opinion. I don’t know what Tim’s opinion is, but it’s definitely my opinion that this is something they don’t want to solve,” Caviezel responded. “And so, it’s going to take the public to put the light on it.”

“Do you think that’s why they suppressed this film for three years?” asked Bannon.

“Absolutely,” said Caviezel.

“You might have 14 people in the room and they all want you, but two have big enough voices where they can shut down those twelve. And so right now, I don’t think it was smart for Bud Light to, you know, somebody woke up in the morning and said, ‘Hey, let’s put this transgender on our beer can. Okay?’ And then Target is looking going, ‘Wow, look at all the billions they’re losing. We got to do this, too.’ Obviously, something’s going on, right?”



  1. Tell us something most of us haven’t known for a decade. Black mail is a great controller over people, and the CIA loves controlling people.

  2. Cavieze claims the CIA is the largest preveyor of pediphila. Second must be Holywood. There’s a program titled “Hollywood Kids” . I believe its on REELZ , which interviews 20 well know child stars. Every celeb claimed to have been repreated molested. Sad note it was just an accpetable casting couch for kids who’s parents were well aware of the activities of Hollywood elites.

  3. The CIA was set up by Hitlers personal security chief.
    The secret services, globally run everything really.
    Everything. But they take their orders from the authorities for rule of law. Globally. In England its the House of Lords under the King In America Obama made it the Pope


    It is true and this is where their involvement began:
    They agreed to provide the children and called it granting them experimentation on abductees.
    A long time ago, the Fallen Angels took a few humans to Betelgeuse, and had full rein to experiment on them.
    The result was the robot slave race called the Grey. The ‘big nosed Greys’ (the dying race) are what the fallen angels made of those humans on Betelgeuse.
    That Star is about to supernova.
    The same will happen here if the Fallen angels are allowed to go further with their same plans for you which is what is really happening with the nanotechnology hidden in the so-called vaccines and the WHO’s plans to force that on all people and the Digital ID technology AKA trans-humanism: to create a slave race of robots like the Greys.
    The Greys were sent as emissaries to sign a treaty with Eisenhower, because if they had seen the true demonic hellish reptilian appearance of the fallen Angels of Hell, they would have been terrified of them.
    The CIA, and FBI both keep the treaty agreement to provide children and babies and abducted humans to these monsters, the actual fallen angels under Lucifer.
    They agree to make endless wars to provide what these devil’s desire.
    The organ harvesting goes beyond medical use, hence the Billions they get for them.
    All the Billionaires are made by this treaty, feeding the Trillionaires.
    The elite are cannibals and eat the organs after the adrenochrome rituals.
    They begin with the pineal gland, next the heart, then the rest.
    Their refrigerators are full of human parts and blood.
    Ukraine now has children as young as 11 years old training for the military to feed these cannibals.
    They live here on earth, and always have. They are spirit beings that live one generation to the next in the Banking, Finance, and Royal families of America and Europe.
    Under the agreement of the Treaty, they are provided with children in exchange for science and technology.
    The truth is that all the science and technology we are given will result in the death of the earth and the human race becoming robot slaves to serve them, to do their evil all over the dark universe of Hell.
    They already have as in ‘Cat Mutes’ and some of the same tortures done on human beings.
    The nuclear power plants are a time bomb waiting to destroy all life on earth.
    They used them to actually kill the sun. Which is why China is so crazy to make a new sun.
    The sun has only a short time left before it explodes just like Betelgeuse will.
    Betelgeuse is a parallel world of humans with the same collective consciousness as the gentiles, but devoid of any help or aid from God.
    Eisenhower chose the devil to receive help from instead of the higher more advanced evolved (loving) angelic beings from Heaven, who wanted to help us spiritually first—and to eliminate the devil’s minions on earth a certain tribe and all the nuclear weapons, they invented, for that crime, by taking them elsewhere to die out.
    Which is how it is done in Heaven.
    Research The greada Treaty, In Bill Cooper’s Behold a pale horse, and it is best described here:
    at vocal dot media slash futurism slash the-greada-treaty.

  5. Strike at the root of the corruption: The current model of banking and currency is based on the Bank of England model, founded in 1694. Benjamin Franklin stated that the main reason for the American Revolutionary War was the insistence by George III that the American colonies accept Bank of England banknotes, which were issued as promissory notes, rather than use the increasingly successful American fiat script, issued by the colonies in the CORRECT quantity and not bearing debt! We must be prepared for a new monetary system, an honest one, when our present debt-based banking cartel collapses. Kindly read and critique this proposed Constitutional Amendment. But first, a little background…

    From “The Truth in Money Book” by Theodore R. Thorsen and Richard F Warner:
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    Here is one possible solution—-To Hell with Fractional-Reserve Debt-Based Banking Constitutional Amendment

    (1) Rescind the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and rename existing Federal Reserve notes and check book balances, in all U.S. banking and credit-creating institutions as well as foreign holdings of dollars, on a 1-to-1 basis, as U.S. Treasury Dollars and U.S.Treasury-Denominated bank balances. All currently existing financial contracts of the Federal Reserve Banking System, including United States Treasury Bills, Notes, Bonds, and Inflation-Protected Securities, remain in effect.

    (2) Henceforward, ex nihilo credit creation by banking and financial institutions in the United States is prohibited. Loans are required to originate from previous savings of U.S. Treasury Dollars and U.S. Treasury-Denominated bank balances from accounts only authorized by account holders for lending purposes. Each loan is held in and paid from a specified, sequestered loan account by the various financial institutions, with interest charges and term limits for each loan to be determined solely by the bank management and the contracting party. Non-cash reserves held in the regional Federal Reserve Banks in accounts of the member institutions of the Federal Reserve System no longer form the basis for credit creation and are extinguished via accounting erasure. Any further payments of principal and interest on currently-existing promissory notes owned by any bank are required to be distributed to holders of savings accounts and checking accounts in that bank in a manner to be determined by each bank, such procedures to be transparent to savings or checking account holders at that bank in terms of amount and frequency of payment. Regional Federal Reserve Banks continue to provide check-clearing operations for the member banks.

    (3) Monetary transactions of the regional Federal Reserve banks or of its member banks with international banks, including the Bank of International Settlements and the International Monetary Fund, can not include ex nihilo credit creation.

    (4) The U.S. Treasury supplies Treasury Dollars as needed to any member bank of the Federal Reserve system to satisfy demands for cash by deposit and savings account holders in excess of cash reserves held by banks at the time of enactment of this amendment.

    (5) Fund the U.S. government and its agencies and projects directly via Treasury Dollars authorized by the Congress in its yearly federal budget. The borrowing of money from the Federal Reserve system of banks or from other institutions or individuals to pay for federal government expenditures is prohibited. All outstanding Treasury Securities are henceforward redeemed on demand via payment with U.S. Treasury Dollars.

    (6) Abolish the Federal Income Tax on individuals, corporations, and business enterprises while maintaining a social security tax on individual incomes. Social security retirement revenues are strictly sequestered in Federal Government Retirement Accounts held by the U.S. Treasury and managed by the Social Security Administration. The Sixteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is hereby rescinded and the Internal Revenue Service disbanded.

    (7) Institute a federal sales tax with a varying yearly tax rate adjusted by the U.S. Congress in session, the sole aim of such adjustments being to maintain a stable or decreasing Consumer Price Index based on data collected by the Federal Government. Any such federal sales taxes taken in by the Federal Government are extinguished from the currency supply to keep the Consumer Price Index stable or decreasing and are not utilized for further funding.

    (8) Article 1, Section 8, Clause 1 of the U.S. Constitution is amended to read as follows: The Congress shall have Power to collect customs duties on imports and exports, uniformly applied throughout the United States, and to provide for the Defence and general Welfare of the United States.

    (9) Article 1, Section 8, Clause 2 of the U. S. Constitution is rescinded.

    (10) The adoption of this amendment does not prohibit the use by the citizens of the United States of any alternative currencies they should choose to use in their private or commercial transactions, provided both parties to the transaction agree to the medium of exchange.

    • I’d also like to go back to minting only silver and gold coins and lifting the 1933 gold ban. If we take back our gold mines, then mine and mint our gold ourselves – our economy will boom.

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