Satanic Temple Joins Democrats in Fight Against Texas Abortion Law: ‘Satanic Abortion Rituals Are Our Right’

Fact checked
Satanic Temple joins fight against Texas abortion law

Democrats can now officially count The Satanic Temple among their list of allies in the fight against the anti-abortion law in Texas.

Two years after challenging an anti-abortion law in Missouri, the satanic group have now “filed a letter with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration demanding that its Texas members should have legal access to abortion pills.”

In the letter addressed to the FDA, Lucien Greaves, the Satanic Temple’s cofounder, argued that the abortion drugs Misoprostol and Mifepristone should be allowed under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) so as to be used in “Abortion Rituals” for satanists:

“I am sure Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton — who famously spends a good deal of his time composing press releases about Religious Liberty issues in other states — will be proud to see that Texas’s robust Religious Liberty laws, which he so vociferously champions, will prevent future Abortion Rituals from being interrupted by superfluous government restrictions meant only to shame and harass those seeking an abortion.

The battle for abortion rights is largely a battle of competing religious viewpoints, and our viewpoint that the nonviable fetus is part of the impregnated host is fortunately protected under Religous Liberty laws.” reports: The Satanic Temple previously cited the Religious Freedom Restoration Act to overturn a set of pro-life laws in Missouri, but the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear it.

The Satanic Temple bills itself as a non-theistic organization dedicated to reason and uses Satanic imagery as little more than a tool to troll Christians. Its website states:

The mission of The Satanic Temple is to encourage benevolence and empathy among all people, reject tyrannical authority, advocate practical common sense, oppose injustice, and undertake noble pursuits. The Satanic Temple has publicly confronted hate groups, fought for the abolition of corporal punishment in public schools, applied for equal representation when religious installations are placed on public property, provided religious exemption and legal protection against laws that unscientifically restrict women’s reproductive autonomy, exposed harmful pseudo-scientific practitioners in mental health care, organized clubs alongside other religious after-school clubs in schools besieged by proselytizing organizations, and engaged in other advocacy in accordance with our tenets.

Last Wednesday, the Supreme Court decided 5-4 not to block the Lone Star State’s new law banning most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy, while allowing citizens to sue abortion providers and anyone who aids in abortion for up to $10,000 in damages.


  1. The Democrats have ALWAYS been satanists Since right from the French revolution Satanism is the oldest religion and its coming out. They love human sacrifice.

  2. The satanists aren’t finally teaming up with the Democrats in anything. It’s the other way around. It’s now official that the Dems are teaming up with the satanists.

  3. The Canaanites, who used to sacrifice their first born sons to Baal (Satin), were destroyed by a people who only sacrificed their male children’s foreskin. And they were destroyed by a bunch of Italian men who liked taking warm baths together. Skipping over about 2,000 years of very violent history, the one consistent theme is that those cultures who intentionally killed their own children were soon replaced by cultures who did not. The Muslim Cultures are replacing the existing European Culture, and the Catholic Cultures are replacing the North American Culture (No, Nancy Pelosi isn’t a real Catholic). If you look at it from the perspective of Cultural evolution, Moral cultures are replacing Immoral cultures. I can see why the Satanic Temple and the Democrats are worried about getting shut down.

  4. Satanists and Democrats complement each other. Like peas in a pod. And no Dems have made an effort to distance themselves from them. That says it all.

  5. In this case, the Satanists are correct. As far as the Constitution of the United States of America is concerned Satanism has exactly the same status as Christianity or Hinduism as far as the US government is concerned. Indeed, the power grab by conservative Christianian sects in Texas through this ridiculous abortion law is an affront to the American idea of government. I hope the Church of Satan take this all the way to SCOTUS

      • Zygotes and feotuses are not “babies”, my biologically inept friend. Why are you people so vague on basic biological knowledge? You protest the teaching of Evolution. You believe nonsense like the female body “shuts down” during rape, thus preventing pregnacy. You can’t even be consitent in your ignorance (i.e, I have never seen one of you admit to mass murder because of masturbation). It’s both creepy and embarrassing.

        • They are babies and you know it. If your wife was 1 month pregnant and I punched her in the stomach until she miscarried You would want me charged with murder. Something is wrong with you.

          • Again a foetus is NOT a baby, either biologically or logically. Feotal legal personhood is also nonsense, despite the Christianist love of laws shading in that direction in many Red States. The Constitutional point remains, however: your narrow sectarian understanding of reproductive rights has no right to become Law, and Texas itself realizes this fact. Thus this “law” works by empowering vigilante “justice”, thus leaving no public official exposed to the inevitable lawsuit (the usual way through which your theocratic impulses are restrained by the more modern and rational parts of the country). The main advantage that I see accruing, if the odious Texas law is overturned by the Church of Satan, is that this point will be made to Christianists like yourself: you are un-American and at odds with the founding principles of this nation.

          • I’m not a Christian. I don’t even want abortion illegal. I just know that something is wrong with you for making the stupid claim you are making.

            Nothing I wrote even hints I am a Christian or that I want abortion to be illegal. You are just stupid and have to throw in the air because of your low IQ.

            Do you really believe the current claims about the Founders of the USA. Do you think they would be pro abortion? Any leftist who wants to see someone un American should go look in the mirror.

            The founding principles of the USA have been gone for 5 decades. The USA was founded as a nation for white people. The first 150 years of immigration and voting laws make this perfectly clear. A leftist writing about the “founding principles” of the USA is a joke. You are a joke. Unfortunately the damage you losers are doing is not funny at all.

          • “White” doesn’t appear in the Constitution either, you racist f*ck.
            The US was no more founded as a nation of White People than it was
            founded as a nation of Christians. You have no business mentioning the “founding principles” of the Unites States, when you seem more attached to Alexander Stephens “Cornerstone” speech for the odious Confederacy.

          • The first four immigration laws of the USA had the word white in them in the context that only whites could be citizens. This is true for sure and you are a mo*on.

            Go back to the horrible place your culture built and you or your family ran away from. White people never wanted non whites in OUR nation. Jews bribed our politicians into making laws forcing non whites on white people. We can be sued for not giving them jobs or renting to them. They need these laws because non whites were never wanted here.

            If not wanting my children to be hated minorities to anti white non white makes me a racist then that is what I want to be.

            Your claim the USA was not founded as a white nation is a bald faced lie. Just go back where you belong parasite.

          • Again, you show me where it says “White America” in the Constitution, you racist f*ck. You can’t because it ain’t there. There was, however, a politcal entity fouded on your ugly, racist ideas: the Confederate States of America. They were ground into dust, utterly beaten, left alive only through the mercy of real Americans. It is a shame their elites were not also stripped and turned out on to the mercies of the people they so mistreated. Now, at last, the last vestiges of that awful entity are being erased from the public square. You people were never “American”. You are just very slow learners.

          • The constitution does say “for ourselves and our posterity”. Only white men founded the USA and non whites are not their posterity.

            You ignored what I wrote and repeated your first post. The USA’s first four immigration laws have the word white in them. Ignoring this to write about the constitution a second time is retarded.

            Why don’t you go back to the shit hole nation your shitty culture built and you or your ugly family ran away from.

            You need white people to live a first world life. White people do not need you for anything.

            You are living in a nation where the people who founded it don’t want you. The fact that the jew mob had to get laws passed forcing whites to associate with non whites proves it. The word for people who force their way in to places they are not wanted is parasite. You are just a parasite.

            If the white men who fought for the North knew what was going to happen to the USA they would not have done it. Same goes for the men who fought WWII.

          • Posterity means the people who come after us and follow in our footsteps. It does not mean lineal descendants. It seems like you are talking out of your posteriority.

            The men who fought for America in world war II, by the way, included black and asian people.

          • The founders posterity is their descendants. You just lie. Over 95% of the US soldiers in WWII were white men. The USA is a white nation and allowing all these non whites here was a huge mistake. the vast majority of white people now realize this. You are barking at the moon with all your lies.

            Nothing you write will change what is coming Shlomo. Nothing.

          • So you are saying anyone whose ancestors arrived in these here United States after 1789 is not part of the posteriority. That excludes most of today’s white people, but includes a fair number of black people who are descended from the Founders.

            I know, I know, the storm is coming. It has been coming for a while now.

          • A tiny number of black and most of them are liars. The first four immigration laws limited citizenship to whites because we did not used to pretend savages are our equals.

            You are a straw boy getting desperate. You are by far my favorite kind of jew.

          • You are losing the thread, homo; you were talking about your posteriority, not white people. Most white people are according to your creed non-posterity.
            And no, white people change; the numbers of them go up and down depending on how you define the census categories.

          • Save it Shlomo. No one is defending you. The USA is turning into a 3rd world shit hole and communism is taking root. White people see it. Its not a semantics argument. There is no “gotcha” argument you can spit out. Jews are anti white and want to turn the USA into a communist 3rd world slum.

            The crash is coming and your tribe is going to face the usual consequences. White people are beginning to understand that non whites bring nothing to the table. All your demands that political correctness continue to rule the day will be ignored. Political correctness is designed to make sure the truth cannot be told and the rubber is hitting the road. The USA can no longer pretend your ideals have merit. Nothing can change this Shlomo. Nothing.

          • Sorry, Homo, but Communism mostly disappeared with the fall of the Soviet Union. There are very few communists in America, and the ones who are left are mostly in their 80s or older.

            Political correctness is mostly just being polite to your neighbor and not saying things that you know would be un-neighborly; granted, politeness can be taken too far.

          • Nice try Shlomo. No white person I know agrees with you. Your word parsing is tiring but the fact you think it can still work is hilarious.

          • Sadly, Homo boy, it sounds like you don’t know many white people. The guys you go out for a beer with don’t represent all of America.

          • You need the censorship Shlomo. White flight is a real thing. You are arguing with yourself. Trying to convince yourself. Hahahhaa.

          • It is stuffed because America created the Financial Crisis 2008. A result of the repeal of the Glass Steagall Act and moronic lending practices. That’s whitey!

          • Jews control of banks and media has allowed them to capture the vast majority of our politicians. Jews are the leading donors/bribers of both major political parties in the USA. Jews killed Glass Steagall so they could steal even more.

            Jews are only white when they do something wrong. Jews are driving the USA over the cliff.

          • Both parties are owned by the plutocracy. Religion immaterial!

            Jews are all colours.


          • Jews are an ethnic group and they love to mix with other races. No one mentioned religion but you retard. There is an ethnic jew mob at the top pulling all the string retard. Jews are surrounding all of our politicians. You are retarded. Do they give you fruit cups if you behave?

          • I suggest you read your own. Drivel! It was you that introduced a religious group.


            There are Jews in all three racial groups.


            The politicians are owned by the plutocracy. Religion immaterial!


          • You can take a DNA test to find your jew genes. Jews are an ethnic group and Judaism is their religion. The fact so many of them are mutts does not change this at all.

            You prove your low IQ with every post.

          • A test which will give a positive to most every Caucasian.

            And the Jews of Ethiopia, India and other parts of Asia? Apparently no!
            The Sephardi Jews are very distantly related and the percentage means they’re related to most Caucasians. They overwhelmingly share DNA with the people of Spain from where they were deported over 500 years ago.

            Canaanites were in the Holy Land first. Their remains share 92% DNA with Lebanese and Palestinians.

            Israel is all America’s fault and the reason Muslims detest America. Would have been simpler to have given them Florida.

            History. Love it!


          • The central bank is the Federal Reserve. Jerome Powel? Doubt he’s Jewish.

            Religion is immaterial. You are clearly anti-Semitic. Any reason? Just a Nazi?

          • I am an anti semite because jews are leading the anti white parade in the USA. Jews bribed open the USA’s borders to flood us with non whites that they use their control of our education system to inculcate with anti white hatred. Jews brag about doing this and it can be easily verified they control the education systems in the USA.

            Jews have decided that white people have to become minorities in every nation we built and they bribe and blackmail our politicians into making it happen. Again jews are proud they are doing this and brag about it. There is not a single logical reason to have ever allowed non whites to become Americans. All it has brought is political strife and empowerment to anti white jews.

            Jews own and control the media that will ruin any politician that does not go along with the anti white agenda. Filling the USA with non white people on purpose is anti white no matter how much you pretend its not. All jews want massive non white immigration into the USA. Some will claim it needs to be legal but most demand all non whites be allowed.

            Jews are hyper organized and every city in the USA has at least one group of jews demanding anti white things be done. CRT is jewish. the idea of white privilege is jewish. Communism is jewish. Trumps first impeachment was an entirely jewish affair. Virtually everyone involved was a jew.

            Jews want my kids and future grandkids to be hated minorities in their own nation. All of their actions point to this. If not liking people who have organized so they can turn my children into hated minorities makes me an anti semite then that is for sure what I want to be.

            Claiming jews are not doing these things when it is happening right out in the open is funny as hell. I am sure it why all jews get run off when their elite ruin an econo0my. The average jew is not innocent.

          • Seems a bit silly as they don’t control everything and there are Jews in all political areas.

            Clearly you’re an IgnorantFookin’Twat and NaziScum!

          • All so called conservative jews want massive amounts of non white immigration as long as its legal. So they can vote for leftists. ALL OF THEM.

          • Really. Then please explain Israel and neither there or America has large amounts of non-white immigration. Or prove! Fail!


          • Jews love to play both sides of the field.Its why we have so many fake conservative jews in the media. Its not going to end well. there wll be no USA coming to the rescue this time. this time jews ripped off the whole world.

          • That implies they have the power. They do not! And the only plutocracy is, I believe, America! And not all plutocrats are Jewish. The majority aren’t!


          • You seem really concerned that jews are being found out to be the head anti whites. Jews are cancer and whites are figuring it out. This is where your fear comes from.

          • No you are terrified that my kind is on the ascent. The government is making a big fuss about white supremacy because they know they are screwing over white people and we have had enough. The Fed Note is crashing and their grip on power is waning. That’s what all the madness is really about. Scarcity is coming to the USA and when it does white people are going to deport all the trash.

          • Then am sure these far right sites would be getting better quality advertising. But no!


          • You keep pretending your tribe is not controlling everything. The far right sites are funded by their readers not jew ads. This has your tribe terrified. Who do you think you are fooling?

          • All publications are funded by lurches and advertising.. The popular get better advertising with more money.

            Who pays for far right news? It’s funded by cheap and nasty
            advertising. Or disprove!


          • The people who own the media don’t care about money and never did. They create wealth from nothing and loan it to each other in huge amounts. Media is now only used to push narratives. If you were not retarded you would realize this fact for yourself.

            If you really think you are doing well in this debate it is just more proof you are retarded.

          • I take it you’re not in business.
            Business folk tend to only be concerned about making money with the odd bit of philanthropy.

            Debate? You offer lies and conspiracy theories and I correct them. There is no debate! Facts walk all over your lies and conspiracy theories!
            I have no side, I am nonpartisan. On the side of facts, however they fall!


          • A few years back some Arabs tried to buy Newsweek magazine for 6 million dollars. the jews who owned it sold it to another rich jew for 1 dollar. Tell me again about how the media cares about money?

          • Neewsweek sold for 1 dollar. This is true for sure. The reason you ask for proof all the time is simple. You want to claim the proof I give is false and you will scour the site for any mistake even if it way off topic to claim the whole site is lies. I have seen it many times. Everything I have written is true and I know it for sure because If I told a lie you would refute it using logic and fact. You cannot so you ankle bite.

          • You cannot create wealth from noting. You need a product or service to market. Not rocket science!


          • True but you can create currency and use it to obtain real wealth. This might just be your most retarded post yet.

          • You are desperate for a victory. Funny.

            I noticed you ignored the fact that money creators can use it to gain real wealth.

            You are boring and probably no one is reading this thread. If you want to continue you will need to find me on another thread so people can see how retarded you are. You are not close to interesting enough to have a dialogue with that is not seen by others.

          • Technically I’m Christian by birth but am happy with agnostic. It’s all made up and silly!


          • You just have some gripe with Jewish folk for no viable reason. Jewish boyfriend cheat on you?


          • I hope one of your beloved non whites makes your eldest one of today’s murder victims. I hope he also kills and rapes your wife. After all your beloved non whites are going to ruin a bunch of white families today just like they do everyday so I it should be your family that reaps what your stupid ideals have sown. There is no logical reason for your views other than you hate white people. I beat the shit out of a bunch of people like you last summer. It was fun. I hope you go out and burn down more leftist strong holds so I can do it again.

            You are terrified. Your insults don’t work anymore and you have nothing else. Ridicule was used to discredit the KKK and then everything they warned about that NO white people wanted is now a norm.

            Insults don’t work anymore. Scarcity is coming and then its a whole new ball game. Most whites don’t care who is in charge as long as we are free to live our lives and pursue prosperity. Jews have screwed it up again and they will see the same results as usual.

            Your low IQ is great. You keep giving me opportunities to red pill white people and you are so dumb you think ridicule can still work under the current paradigm. You are terrified. AHHAHAHA

          • I live in a nation where homicide is less than a fifth of America’s and little to do with colour. More emotion, most folk know their killers.

            No insults offered. I’m factually correct!

            If my IQ is that bad then presumably you have someone helping with basic bodily functions.


          • What leftie strongholds? America doesn’t have a viable left of center party!


          • Hahahah. Who do you think you are fooling. I bet you believe the riots were “mostly peaceful protests”

            This is too easy.

          • Both parties are leftist. The Republicans job is to lose. Just because they are greedy does not change the fact their ideals are leftists. Communists always use minorities to overthrow the majority. Filling the USA with non whites is about as leftist as you can get and both parties politicians are for turning the USA brown.

            They are all leftists and only retarded people need this explained.

          • By policy neither is left of center. Or disprove. Fail!

            There are no minorities in communism. All the same!

            Blacks make up a smaller amount as a percentage of the population than they did fifty years ago. Asiatics are a tiny fraction!

            You’re safe, America is overwhelmingly white.

            You’re also an IgnorantFookin’Twat

          • What do you mean. You have bought it. you keep replying with nothing because you don’t know what else to do. It won’t be long Shlomo.

          • You do accept it and believe. You are just a liar trying to keep the false narrative alive. You are failing.

          • Open Borders? Well a bit under Trump but not since WWII.

            The media has a variety of owners. Don’t think Murdoch is Jewish. Aussie!

            Education system is steered by government. That changes and quo dominance of religion.

            The hate seems to be all you.

            What economy have they ruined?

          • I am so deep in your head. HAHAHAHAHA.

            Jews are less than 1% of the population in my city and all 3 positions in our school districts HR department are jews. Half the principles in our district are jews and the other half are non whites. This is the norm in cities all across the USA. Gov’t is controlled by politicians who need good media and lots of money. Jews control both and by extension control the gov’t. Jews are the majority of donors to both political parties and give well over half of political bribes.

            Murdoch is one out of the 6 major media companies the other 5 are controlled by jews. Murdoch pays Tucker Carlson. Thanks for pointing that the only media not controlled by jews has the only people telling any truth. My god you are stupid.

            In 1965 two jew US senators authored the 1965 Immigration Act a bill the American public was overwhelmingly against. They lied about the bills purpose and flooded the USA with non whites. Jews control the media that attacks any white person who does not agree that millions of low IQ non white citizens are a giant strength for the USA.

            The US economy is crashing. Its a slow fall but it is accelerating.

            Pretending its not happening is funny as hell.

          • “I am so deep in your head. HAHAHAHAHA.”

            You are very deep in the head of Mr Poohead? Hardly something to cackle about.

          • Most of the other media companies are owned by the public. Shares!

            Pity you can’t prove any of your drivel!


          • 90% of the stock market is owned by the top 1%.

            Only retarded people think someone can prove something on the internet.

            Asking for proof as you call people names is pathetic.

          • Powell has been one of the bell ringers at the Fed for a long time. He was elevated to Chairman by Trump and Clarida was appointed by Trump as well. Clarrida is probably a jew and he is married to a jew.

            Jews are a super majority on all 12 Federal Reserve Bank boards of directors. The Federal Reserve is a jewish Affair for sure. Who do you think you are kidding?

          • “Probably”? You mean Polly Morgan Barry. Who he married in a Roman Catholic Church.

            You are “probably” speaking from dogma, not reality.

          • Morgan and Barry are both Jew names. Its funny how you ignored the jerw super majority on every board of directors to play gotcha with the guys jerw wife.


          • The names date back to pagan times, before Christianity, or Judaism, reached the Gaels or their neighbors.

            How many Jewish Celts do you know?

          • Mrs Steagall and all the little Steagalls are still bereft.

            The murder is generally blamed on Republican Senators Phil Gramm, Jim Leach, and Thomas J. Bliley, Jr.

          • All of them were surrounded by jews. Their funding came from jews. The corporations that gave them the good media needed to get elected were/are owned by jews. Most telling of all those is the people who gained the most from the repeal of Glass Steagall are jews.

            Political contributions are bribes and jews bribe all the politicians the most.

          • And yet you are the one who is terrified of the imaginary Jews that haunt your dreams. Remember; you cannot stop what is coming.

          • Interesting tidbit though – many of the Founders were slave-owners and, like Thomas Jefferson, had slave children whom they owned. The Founders have a fair number of black lineal descendants. Their posterity, however you define it, includes black people.

          • Again, no “White people” in the Constitution you racist f*ck. The “posterity” was an ever better future, the American Experiment — “from many, one”, NOT an inbred ethno-racial state, you utter moron. You sad knuckleheads are at the end of the line, and you know it. The United States was never “yours” to begin with, and after you got your sad asses kicked in the Civil War, you would’ve thought you morons would’ve learned something. I guess not.

            While it was great, as an example of social and historical hygiene to see the statue of Robert E Lee taken down in Richmond, VA, my own enjoyment of that scene was increased immesurably by my knowledge that people like you saw this as the curtain closing on the f*cked idea of America that they had in their little brain.

            In any case, what this has to do with the crazy Texas Law and the potential challenge from the Church of Satan challenging it escapes me.

          • The first four immigration laws clearly state US citizenship is only for white people. Claiming because the word white is not in the Constitution so the LAWS THE FOUNDERS PASSED don’t mean anything is retarded.

            You are a parasite. You moved to and live in a nation where you know you are not wanted. They have to have laws forcing the people who founded and built the USA to associate with you. The word for a thing that goes where it is not wanted so it can suck off the host is parasite. You are a parasite with no shame. Your hostility to white people is pathetic. You need us to live a 1st world life and we don’t need you for anything. Your feeling are shredded by this FACT. Just go away you are not our equal and we did nothing to deserve your hateful presence. Just go away.

          • I have read your “argument” (which you repeat endlessly, like most of your inbred ilk). So, let’s go through the facts, shall we?

            1. The founding documents of the US do not mention “White People” or “Christians”. It is beyond your limited education to take you through the history of “race” from Renan through Jim Crow, and how “Whiteness” itself is a historical category, but I am happy to provide you a reading list if you ever decide to improve yourself. Suffice it to say that “White” did not mean the same thing in the 1830s as it does in the 2020s.

            2. Immigration laws are merely a snapshot of the thinking of the US at a moment in time. They are like the tariff schedule or the regulation of interstate trade in the 1880s. The have precisely noting to do with the establisment of the United States, nor its ethos. It’s hisorically perverse to insist otherwise.

            3. Your time is over. Your “racial consiousness” is shared by a decreasing minority of ill-educated, angry and (mostly) older imbeciles, whose “pride” is constituted wholly around an accident of their birth (how pathetic is that). Even your children (and to be fair, many of them are unpleasant) do not share the same ugly prejudices. The most pathetic aspect of the latest spasm of White Nationalism in red caps at downmarket Nuremberg rallies was they were too afraid to state their aims. They KNEW their racism was toxic. They are a pathetic echo of the second wave of the KKK, whom they most resemble.

            4. The state that DID understand your way of thinking, the CSA, founded firmly on the conerstone of White Supremacy lost. It was not just defeated, it was crushed. Its leaders escaped the traitor’s noose, solely due to the mercy of the conqueror. The final symbols of their treachery and sedition (and their White Supremacy) will soon be scrubbed from the public square. They will, instead, appear in museums, where students will learn about their quaint ideas alongside those motivating other insurrections, like the Whiskey Rebellion.

            Now, if you have something to offer on the Church of Satan and Texas’ ugly war on women, then offer it. If not, then go back to Stormfront or whatever Reddit swamp you crawled out of, you racist f*ck.

          • Nothing you wrote changes this

            You are a parasite. You moved to and live in a nation where you know you
            are not wanted. They have to have laws forcing the people who founded
            and built the USA to associate with you. The word for a thing that goes
            where it is not wanted so it can suck off the host is parasite. You are a
            parasite with no shame. Your hostility to white people is pathetic. You
            need us to live a 1st world life and we don’t need you for anything.
            Your feeling are shredded by this FACT. Just go away you are not our
            equal and we did nothing to deserve your hateful presence. Just go away.

            You go on and on about the Confederacy and I could not care less. The Civil War has been over for almost 200 years.

            You are claiming the USA was always a multi racial cess pool like it is now and you are a liar. The men from the North did not fight the men from the South so the USA could fill up with low IQ non whites. You are a parasite who brings nothing to the table. Your skin color has nothing to do with my way of thinking. You don’t belong here and the first four immigration laws state it out right. The law they passed to open the borders to non whites was passed under false pretenses after anti white small hats bribed all our politicians and took control of our institutions. White flight is a thing because living near non whites is toxic. Not because of skin color.

            Go buy a dress because you think like a woman. I bet you are just another anti white hebe.

          • Whoa! Take a deep breath there, bubba. You are looking like more of a moron in each of your postings.
            The Civil War was 200 years ago?! You are 40 years off. Sheesh! You don’t even know your ‘Merican history.

            As to the rest of your word salad. The US has ALWAYS been “multi-cultural” — even after genocide, slavery, and the invention of Whiteness. White, property-holding males were a minority when the Constiution was signed. It just took a while for slow-learners (like your ancestors) to understand what the words on the parchment actually meant. It’s astonishing to me, though, that somone like you, with Klan skeletons in their closet (and a dangerously shallow gene pool), seems to know so little of your own history of hate. Like when the Irish and Italians weren’t “White”, or when your inbred, ill-educated racist ancestors hated the Pope more than they hated Jews. When you consider your lack of biological knowledge (talk to a geneticist or an anthropologist about “race”, for example) and the overall unplesantness of your opinions, it’s no wonder you are so frothingly angry. Socially, you are getting your asses kicked. It must drive your little hind-brain nuts to see the ubiquity of interracial couples (what did your ancestors call it? Ah, yes, miscegenation!), for example. Your kids now accept this as wallpaper to American life.

            Ah well, it’s rare to see a White American so utterly comfortable with their racism and delusions of White Supremacy. Few of your “confederates” have that much honesty. I am happy to see these misguided and dangerous ideas die. I know it’s wrong of me, but their death-throes in your dim brain also amuse me.

          • In 1960 the USA was 90% white. Only white men signed the declaration of independence.

            A geneticist who tells the truth about race is vilified. Many of them lie but the list of vilified is not short. No one is socially getting our asses kicked. Communist scum are censoring everyone. Anyone who disagrees openly is attacked and you people are pretending you are winning. Everyone who actually produces anything in this nation is against you.

            you scum tried to take over the USA last summer and got hammered back into all the cities you turned into shit holes. Then the commies stole an election. The half of the nation that actually pays for everything is sick of you. You are so stupid you think the fight is over when its just beginning.


          • The part of the nation that has been paying for everything is in California and New York. Trump is popular among the people who are not; all the people in the heartland who got left behind with economic change and are struggling.

          • The cities pay nothing over all. The rich get tax shelters and the non whites take and take. Cities are parasitical and the founders of the USA knew it. This is why we have the electoral college. So the people who actually produce things are not ruled by parasite cities.

            The fact is the super wealthy pay about half the taxes but they earn about 90% of the income. White Americans pay the taxes in the USA Shlomo and we know it.

          • The super wealthy include a lot of white people. And they are the ones who take and take. Cities rely on the rural areas for food, of course, but the bulk of taxes are paid by the cities.

            In the time of the Founders, the vast majority of the population was rural. No one imagined the electoral college as a restraint on urban power, because direct democracy would have squashed the cities completely.

          • Wrong, the founders knew that cities always become the main population centers.

            White people pay all the taxes in the USA. Non whites take way more than they pay.

            Cities produce almost nothing. Way more than food is pouring into cities daily. You are stupid. It becomes more and more obvious with every post. Also your fear is palpable. Good.

          • So you are a black. That makes sense. Let me try to dumb down what I wrote.

            You are not smart enough to understand political concepts.

          • Just because their are some rich blacks who pay taxes it does not change that over all on average for every dollar a black pays in taxes another black takes at least five in government services. Overall blacks pay no taxes and take billions every year. Parasites is the best word to describe non white groups in the USA.

            If you were not low IQ you would have understood the first time. you probably still don’t grasp the concept.

          • Your right. The fact I am correct makes me correct. I’m not unhinged at all or a bigot. The truth is never anything but true. Labeling it as something else so people won’t tell it does not change this.

            Non whites bring nothing to the table but an appetite and political strife. White people are realizing this more and more. Nothing you write will stop whats coming.

          • Then there’d be no black billionaires. No blues! Thus no rock! No disco – possibly a good thing!

            And America would have a lot fewer Olympic medals!

          • Actually at the highest percentage only 27% of blacks received welfare. That was in 1990. Recently it’s been as low as 12%.

            Pity facts walk all over your NaziScum rhetoric!

          • Your facts are lies and welfare is not the only gov’t service non whites utilize. More than half of blacks and mestizo’s drop out of high school. On average high school dropout citizens cost the government 1,000,000 over their lives. Half drop out and most of the rest never have any money saved either.

            Non whites contribute nothing overall and take billions every year. This is true for sure.

            You cannot come up with even one logical reason to allow non whites to immigrate to the USA and become Americans. not one.

            You are just a parasite.

          • Never in history before the 19th century had cities been the main population centres; no way could the Founders have envisaged that.

          • Cities were filling up all over Europe for hundreds of years;. You are an idiot. The founders wrote down why they wanted the electoral college and it was so more populous states (states with cities) could not grab all the power. You are so stupid you argue points people were taught in high school.

            Nothing you can do will change what is coming. When scarcity hits millions of people like me are going to point out who is responsible. It will be jews who own everything because they created wealth from nothing and loaned it to each other causing all this inflation. Good luck Shlomo. You’re gonna need it.

          • Inflation has actually been real low the last few years, apart from the recent covid blip; compared to the 1970s and 1980s, it has been next to nothing.

            The electoral college was a recognition that the US was a federation of states, and each state wanted a say in government. On a practical level, states like Georgia and Rhode Island would not have joined the USA if they thought they would lose all say to the real populous states like Virginia and Pennsylvania.

            When the US was founded, only about 5 percent of Americans lived in cities.

          • If you believe the Federal Reserve note is not going to hyper inflate good luck. Its happening right now and covid has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. In fact covid is just the flu and common cold. they lied so retards like you would blame mother nature or China for the Federal Reserve jews malfeasance with the US money supply.

            On luxury items inflation has been up 50% this year. I see the prices of the things I sell. Its impossible to deny. They are hiding the food price inflation in smaller portions. It is a house of cards.

            You are a retard. The reason some states are more populated is because they have more cities and towns. Why do you jews always try to parse everything? anything to pull the topic into disarray.

            Pogroms are coming. All the signs are here. Nothing you do can change it.

          • 5.4% every month. That is a high number for a year. You have no idea what is coming. That’s funny.

          • How dumb can you be? it is an annualized 5.4%. The prices did not jump 5.4% in one month. That is what the annual rate would be if it kept going up the same rate each month for a year.

            It does not encourage me to think you know what is coming.

          • Inflation is historically low, not the lowest but not close to the highest.


          • I sell luxury items and the inflation this year is 50%. Luxury items are always first to show inflation because they don’t try as hard to hide it.

            You are retarded.

          • Believing the media instead of your eyes and reality is retarded. Maybe you mean 6% a month? That is about right. 6% for the year? Only a retard would believe that.

          • The people with all the figures. If rocketing as you say presumably your clients are all paying cash as the GDP not going crazy! In fact it fell last year.


          • The people with all the figures are the one’s who caused the inflation moron. This argument is too easy. EVERYONE HAS TO PAY MORE FOR EVERYTHING. You are deranged if you think anyone will believe there is low inflation.

            I make cash deals for hundreds of thousands of dollars every month. Last month I saw $250,000 cash in a fanny pack. We had to tell the guy to go get a check. There is money everywhere. You are a delusional person who knows nothing about the real world.

            Do you work at 7-11 or a gas station? Your claims of low inflation are comical.

          • Err the GDP fell last year. So clearly you’re an IgnorantFookin’Twat

            If what you say were true then it would have gone through the roof.

            All you do is backtrack and backpedal.

          • The GDP falling means less wealth is made. GDP is not reflected by printing money its based on the real value of the things produced.

            You just made a strong point for me. Thanks. HAHHAHA

          • The GDP is total turnover of the country.
            IgnorantFookin’Twat !

            It falling means there were less sales at the register.

            Get an education!

          • They shut down the economy ofver the flu to try to kick the can down the road.

            I don’t have to prove anything about the inflation. Its right out in the open and people with above 80 IQ’s see it.

          • Well if they had then the flu would have been contained like in China, New Zealand and Australia!

          • It was a power grab everywhere. There was no pandemic. Its just the flu. Only retarded people have not figured out it is all lies.

          • The flu has a mortality rate less than 0.5%. Fail!


            Power grab? By what? And every country? That’s a wide range of ideologies.


          • Really? By every political ideology? A collective all over the world?

            That’s your most ridiculous conspiracy theory yet!


          • The same group owns the media all over the West. They are liars and you have no idea what the rest of the world is really doing.

          • No they don’t. Liar!
            Because civilised nations made it illegal!
            The only plutocracy is, as far as I know, America’s.

          • I’m factually correct! IgnorantFookin’Twat

            The Reform Act 1832!

            It is illegal to fund individual politicians in America’s peers!

          • I have not said anything to you. I wrote things. Grammar mistakes like that are a sure sign of a low IQ. not to mention constantly using non words.

            It won’t be long Shlomo. Your low IQ non white pets are going to turn on you as well.

          • “Said” is a perfectly acceptable description of a conversation on a messaging board.


          • They closed areas of business which allowed other areas to flourish.

            Hardware and gardening stores sales rocketed as folk were at home and found projects.

            Hospitality went mobile and some did the same sales with lower overheads. No waiting staff! No bartenders!

            Stores delivered. Post Office and FedEx did very well.

            Clearly you walk around with your eyes shut. Typical of a racist bigot!


          • Thousands of small businesses were ruined so the corporations could take their place. you are a scuzzy communist. Something is wrong with you.

            I hope a non white makes you one of the 5 to 10 whites they murder every day. I hope one robs your house as well. I would hope one makes your wife one of the over 200 white women non whites rape daily but I bet you could not get a woman to save your loser life. Lets hope one of your beloved non whites rapes your mom. 200 white women are going to be raped by non whites in the next 24 hours so I am sure you will be okay with your mom and sisters joining the group. Sounds harsh but it is what your stupid ideals have led to and you deserve to reap what you have sown.

          • And some big ones went too. Your point? Nothing whatsoever.

            I left – now in a civilised nation.

            Interracial homicide is quite low.

            America is a dump, race immaterial. Ditto religion !

          • Que Sera, Sera.

            Inflation was over 13% in 1980, and that wasn’t even a national record. The country survived. Even with the covid blip, inflation is less than half of that now.

            It is not just covid that is hitting food prices. It is also extreme drought conditions in Mexico, Canada, the US, Brazil, Chile…
            I know, I know, you don’t think that is real either.

            Back when the founders were around, the reasons some states were more populated was because they had more farmers and agricultural workers. The big migration to the cities did not happen until after America industrialized in the late 1800s; before then, the cities did not have jobs to support the kinds of population they have now.

            Right now, more than 4 out of 5 Americans live in cities; 250 years ago, it was about 1 in 20.

          • The Electoral college is so the more populated states can’t rule the countryside. You are an idiot for taking the position you are taking. All the states with large cities want the EC gone for the reasons I state. You are retarded.

            All fiat currencies usually hyper inflate The Federal Reserve Note is losing world reserve currency status. The inflation in the 80′ was nothing like now. You have to try real hard not to see it.

            Nothing can stop whats coming Shlomo.

          • A variety want it gone – Red and Blue. Verily immaterial being as generally the popular choice wins. And what does it matter? The President has no power!

          • By creating wealth from nothing and loaning it to each other to buy stuff produced in the countryside. If you had an argument you would tell me what cities produce. You can’t because people in cities just push paper around so instead you nitpick like a retard. It must suck to be wrong about everything and so stupid you think you are right.

            I am beginning to think you are black. Most blacks IQ’s are so low they are borderline retarded just like you.

          • You might need equity and so would I but many jews don’t. Almost every successful jews story begins with a loan of wealth created from nothing by another jew in a bank. Jews are hyper organized ethnic group and nepotism is why jews succeed. Controlling the money supply has its advantages retard.

            I hope another blacks shoots you over $5 soon.

          • A loan requires equity. Whatever the race/ethnicity or a charitable relative. Religion immaterial!

          • That’s simply not true. Jews are given loans for ideas. The fact the people in charge of creating wealth from nothing have become half the billionaires proves it.

            Jews have been run off over and over again and the people who run them off all accuse them of doing exactly what they are doing now right out in the open. Jews are toxic and obviously have deserved it every time they have been run off.

            The idea they are going to pull it off this time is silly.

          • Loans require equity!

            Hedge Funds invest in ideas and take big percentages – religion immaterial!

          • Only white Americans gave us the Great Depression, slavery and the Financial Crisis 2008.

            Clearly America would be better off without them! As would the planet.

          • Nope jews were at the top of all those things.

            You come from a failed race. you need white people to live a first world life. We don’t need you for anything. Truth.

          • Fact! White folk created the Financial Crisis 2008 and the Great Depression. Religion immaterial – mixed bag.


          • Bubba, baby, you are full of sh*t. U know nothing about “race” in Biology or Anthropology. I’m sorry about your lack of education, but that’s the sad truth. Again, I am happy to provide a reading list to help you catch up with the 21st Century, but, no doubt, that would interrupt your Reddit viewing and re-reading your William Pierce novels. As to your ludicrous ideas of the importance of “white” areas in the US economy, well, Red States, which are more “white” than the rest of the nation, are welfare recipients. There is NO rural/peri-rural life in America without massive subsidies from the Federal government. You people are welfare queens, without the courage to admit your
            dependency. When you factor in Social Security and Disability
            dependence, this self-reliance bullsh*t is laughable.
            In other words, you “master race” goodballs rely on ethinically-diverse cities, which are the real economic drivers of the USA. You know, the places with those new-fangled universities, and real scientists who have shown the earth is more than 10,000 years old and that humans are the most non-diverse primate in the world. I must say, I have not enjoyed a racist of your caliber and ignorance for a long while. I’m suspicious that you are a joke account and one of my friends is gonna say “gotcha!” in a minute.

          • Cities are parasitical They sell services to each other. All the real things people need to live comes from the countryside. We have the electoral college because the founder knew cities produce nothing AN

            I’m not interested in your lies. Race is real and everyone knows it. Whites have neanderthal DNA and Asians have Denisovion DNA. Blacks are just homo sapiens. 3 races of man Shlomo and all the conjecture in the world won’t change it. The idea that race is a social construct is the biggest social construct ever.

            White people pay all the taxes in the USA. Non whites take way more than they pay. This is a stone cold fact Shlomo. Your claims are bald faced lies. Cities full of low IQ non whites produce nothing.

            I love heebs like you Shlomo. Your hatred of white people is on your sleeve. Heebs like you are why all of you get the boot instead of just your banker mob. I am certain heebs had your hubris in Germany in 1928. By 33… Not so much.

            You don’t know anything about me except what I wrote. The fact you have to make stuff up tells me you have nothing. Nothing you write will change the wrecking ball that is heading your way. your tribe never learns and you are not getting away with it this time either. History is real clear where this is heading. I’m just nudging it along with you help. Thanks Shlomo.

          • Bubba, you are looking dumber every time you write.

            There is no race in Biology, there are only populations with varying mixes of alleles. Your pathetic late-19thC ideas cover populations that vary between one another FAR more (say, between east Africa and west Africa) than they vary between each other. That’s just the facts, son, and all the Stormfront propaganda to the contrary does not change the real world. That’s why you cranks can’t survive peer-review in scientific journals and have to vanity-publish.

            The economic drivers of modern economies are cities. This has been the case since the Industrial Revolution. In 2021 America, rural/peri-rural Red States take FAR more take more in Federal money than they pay in tax. When you factor in weaker educational attainment and being (on balance) older and sicker, the disparity is pretty wide.

            I am not Jewish you half-witted, disgusting anti-Semite. I’m just not a moron, like you. The sh*t these moderators let you spew is shocking.

            Btw, have you looked at the latest census data? It must terrify you. 🙂

          • Your claim race does not exist is a lie. Commies made a long march through our institutions and now political correctness is more important than truth. There are 3 races of man retard and a bunch of mutts. All your claims are lies and the fact that any scholar who disagrees is attacked proves it.

            Claiming cities that produce nothing are the economic drivers is more retarded lies. Pushing other peoples money around and taking a cut produces nothing. Creating wealth from nothing and loaning it to each other is also not creating wealth. It is ripping everyone else off.

            All of your claims are backed up by censorship and ruining people who do not fall in line. Your point about the moderators “allowing” me free speech is proof that your ilk has a foundation built on nothing but lies. Any peer reviewed scientist who does not come to the correct conclusions will be fired and ruined. Ignoring this FACT so you can claim science is on your side is retarded. You are retarded.

            The census shows that the breaking point is coming. you cannot have a welfare state and borders open to the low IQ non productive people of the world. The rubber is hitting the road and not very deep down you know everything I write is true. This is why you are so upset and keep replying. Your narrative is sinking and all people like me have to do now is wait.

            I don’t believe you are not a jew. White people understand now and no longer defend the indefensible.

          • One more thing. there was a time not long ago when almost every white person on this thread would be defending you. They are gone because they realized people like me are correct. Just go away. You are not wanted here.

          • Abortion was legal in the USA up until the late 19th century; it was called removing a uterine obstruction, and could be done up until the “quickening” of the fetus. So, yes, many of the Founders would have been okay with that.

  6. I’ll bet Satan’s little helpers support the great reset also, along with killing anybody who doesn’t take the jab…
    No one will be part of the New World Order
    unless he carries out an act of worship to Lucifer.
    No one will enter the New Age unless he receives Luciferian initiation.
    —David Spangler, Director of the United Nations Planetary Initiative Project (Reflections on The Christ, Findhorn, 1978)

  7. Only retarded people think someone online can prove something. Go look yourself. You won’t though because truth does not matter to you. You base everything you think on your feelings. Go buy a dress because you think like a woman.

  8. So no reply? Any white person who looks into any of the things I’ve written will come to my conclusions.

    The media lies. I read the official report from Arizona. The media just lied about the findings and the oligarchs puppets rubber stamped it in the legislature.

    This is just the beginning and the fact you think this time its going to end different if funny to me. Pogroms are coming.

    • Of course you did! The media report. If the report produced anything there’d be further action!

      • Your fear is palpable. It is the only logical reason for you to keep posting. You are so low IQ that you cannot figure out white people are sick of you jews. You know that white men like me are the future and you are in trouble. You are not fooling anyone.

        Most white men know for sure the election was stolen. This is a fact and nothing you write can change what is coming. History is clear where this ends. Your stupid hubris is why all jews get run off.

        If I stood in front of you you would tremble and call me sir. I guarantee it. Soon you will tremble in front of a white man. Count on it.

    • Yes they will. You’re NaziScum! In fact I suspect 99% will come to the same conclusion. I’m just here correcting your lies. With a bit of laughter and ridicule! You Nazis aren’t going to win! You’re just there to bait!

  9. This whole thread is me defining your fears and your posts reek of your desperation. If you are so correct why is our jew laden government so worried about white supremacy? You have nothing Shlomo.

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