Saudi Christmas Day Airstrike Kills 48 Innocent Yemeni Civilians

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Saudi Christmas airstrike kills innocent Yemeni civilians

Saudi Arabia has killed at least 48 innocent civilians, including women and children, over the Christmas weekend. 

According to the Saba News Agency, a total of 47 civilians were killed and wounded in 51 airstrikes launched by the US-backed Saudi-led coalition using internationally banned weapons on several Yemeni provinces over the past few hours. reports: The Saudi airstrikes were primarily concentrated on the northern part of the country, where the Houthis currently control several provinces. In addition to northern Yemen, the Saudi airstrikes were also targeted the western part of the country, including the Hodeidah Port that was finally reopened after being blockaded for several weeks.

The death toll from airstrikes included the deaths of four civilians reportedly attending a demonstration inside the Yemeni capital – the attack followed a large number of air raids conducted above Sana’a. According to Saba News Agency, the Saudi Coalition airstrikes not only killed four civilians, but also wounded dozens of others, including many women and children. The report added that the airstrikes were conducted during a solidarity vigil that was held in support of Palestine.

The Yemeni War has been ongoing for nearly three years now and much of the country still remains embroiled in a civil war that has yet to find a political solution. With the assassination of former president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, in early December, the Yemeni war has entered a new stage with his loyalists now fighting alongside the UAE-backed Southern Resistance forces.

As a result of this alliance, the Southern Resistance forces have been able to recapture several areas from the Houthis, including much of the territory just north of the Mocha Port. While the Houthis have recaptured some sites near the Mocha Port, they are still far away from this historical city.

Meanwhile over the weekend, the Saudi-backed Yemeni Army and Hadi loyalists continued their offensive in the eastern part of the Sanaa Governorate, capturing several sites from the Houthi forces near the Marib axis. According to the Yemeni Army’s official media wing, their 7th Division attacked the Dahshush, Jabal al-Tafaha, Tabat al-Qanaseen and Jabal al-Mashna areas of eastern Sanaa on Saturday.

The Yemeni Army was able to capture these sites after a fierce battle with the Houthi forces. The Saudi-backed forces allege that they killed at least 28 Houthi fighters during the advance; however, no official verification has been made available to corroborate the claim.

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