Saudi TV Channel Publishes Fake Photo ‘From Yemen’

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Saudi TV Channel Publishes Fake Photo ‘From Yemen’

A Saudi  TV channel has been called out for publishing a fake photo… What was supposed to be a photo taken in Yemen was actually from the first Gulf war.

France24 reports:  The Saudi TV channel Al Arabiya has come under fire for publishing a fake photo online. On Monday, it posted the following photo to its official Twitter account. The description, in Arabic, reads: “Al Arabiya exclusive: Saudi Arabia’s Operation Decisive Storm destroys a Houthi military convoy in Saada [Yemen].”

Saudi TV Channel Publishes Fake Photo ‘From Yemen’

There’s just one problem: that photo is an iconic photo from the first Gulf War. According to information provided by the US Department of Defense, which put the image in the public domain, it was taken by a military photographer on March 4, 1991 during Operation Desert Storm. The photo shows Iraqi military vehicles that were destroyed by coalition forces.

Readers quickly recognized the photo and started deriding the channel on Twitter. The post was deleted on Monday, but it remained online in cached form.

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