Schiff Says Special Counsel Hur’s Report Was ‘Political’, Accuses Him Of Being a ‘Hack’

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Adam Schiff

Representative Adam Schiff says he believes that Special Counsel Robert Hur is a “hack” and that his report on President Biden’s mishandling of classified documents was political.

Schiff made the comments on Sunday during MSNBC’s “Inside”

Anchor Jen Psaki said, “I want to get to that. I want to start with Robert Hur’s report” and asked Schiff “What is your overall reaction to that report?”

Brietbart reports: Schiff said, “As a former federal prosecutor, my reaction was Robert Hur couldn’t make a legal case against Joe Biden so he decided to make a political case against Joe Biden. What he did was willful, that is, Robert Hur.. What he did was deliberate, and what he did he knew would damage Joe Biden clip politically and gratified Donald Trump. It was a political decision that flies in the face of what Department of Justice policy is. I can tell you this, if Robert Hur were a line prosecutor, he would be disciplined or fired. You don’t do that. You set out, okay, we can bring a case or we can’t. But gratuitously involving yourself in gran election campaign, in fact, during a campaign, to make every effort not do anything suggesting politics, what he did was quite deliberate, and destructive and also just plain false.”

He continued, “To make a political attack, that is just hackery by Mr. Hur.”

On Attorney General Merrick Garland appointing Hur, Schiff said, “Ideally you appoint a prosecutor that will improve public confidence in the report, you don’t expect them to be a hack. In this case he misjudged on Mr. Hur.”

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