Scientists puzzled by mass deaths of seabirds

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Scientists puzzled by mass deaths of seabirds

Scientists have been baffled by mass deaths of seabirds, whose bodies are being found by the hundreds along the US Pacific Coast.

According to reports, hundreds of Cassin’s aucklets, a small white-bellied gray bird, have been washing up dead on beaches from British Columbia to San Luis Obispo, California, since October.

Generally during severe winter conditions, especially during large storms, seabirds die, but mass deaths on such a scale are unusual.

“To be this lengthy and geographically widespread, I think is kind of unprecedented,” said executive director of the Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition Phillip Johnson. “It’s an interesting and somewhat mysterious event.”

A veterinarian for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Julia Burco, said the birds seem to have starved to death, so scientists have ruled out poisoning as a cause of death.

The reason why the seabirds cannot find food still remains a mystery.

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