Scotland Tell ISIS To “Fuck Off”

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Larkhall, Scotland tell ISIS to "fuck off"

Residents in the Scottish town of Larkhall have responded to last week’s terror attacks in Paris, by adding a message to ISIS on one of their street signs. 

Under a signboard that welcomes visitors to Larkhall, a new addition to the sign reads: “Welcome to Larkhall. Except ISIS. You twats can fuck off“. reports:

The South Lanarkshire town, around 14 miles from Glasgow, is twinned with the commune of Seclin in northern France, around 134 miles north of Paris.

Larkhall, Scotland ISIS sign

The picture has been doing the rounds on social media since it was posted by @johnandlouie who captioned it ‘Brilliant!’, with one person writing:

“Counter-terrorism budget cuts are really starting to take their toll” while another user joked:

“Meanwhile the local neds of Larkhall have made their voice clear to ISIS.”

The new signpost has appeared as news emerged of Russian troops writing messages on bombs destined for IS targets in Syria, such as ‘For Paris!’ and ‘For Ours!’.

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