Scottish banks filling up cash machines in case of dash to withdraw money if country votes ‘Yes’

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‘Scottish banks are filling up cash machines in case of a dash to withdraw money in the event off a Yes vote.

The move to keep ATMs stocked is part of a package of measures put in place in an effort to avoid financial panic.

Banking industry sources insist there will be no immediate risk to anyone’s savings if Scotland votes to split from the rest of the UK.

But senior figures have recognised the risk that some people will be concerned and start to withdraw money.

Should cash machines run dry it could fuel public fear. ‘We did not have to be asked by the Bank of England, it is just a natural part of what we said we would do,’ said one bank source.

Pledges to keep cash machines full are part of the contingency plans all banks are understood to have submitted to the Bank of England ahead of the vote.

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney has confirmed it has a contingency plan of its own in place, but has given no details.’

Source: Mail Online


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